Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple: Horanadu Annapurna Temple in Karnataka

Horanadu Annapurneshwari Temple is the most famous temple of Goddess Annapurna in South India.

Shri Adishakthyathmaka Annapoorneswari Ammavari temple, also known as Sri Kshetra Horanadu, is situated on the banks of River Bhadra in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka.

Mata Annapurna is considered as the Hindu Goddess of food and nutrition. The presiding deity of the temple was installed by the great Sage Agasthya Maharshi. The temple is surrounded with the other tow prominent Shakti Peethas in Karnataka – Kollur Mookambika Temple and Sringeri Sharada Temple.

In 2014, Navarathri Mahotsava will be celebrated from 25 September to 3 October. Many special rituals are performed during the 9-day festival.

Akshaya Thadige (Akshaya Tritiya) in Vaishakha masa (April – May), Navarathri Mahotsava in Ashwayuja masa (September – October), Deepotsava in Karthika masa (October – November), and Rathotsava and Maha Rathotsava in Phalguna masa (March – April) are the major festivals in Horanadu Annapurna temple Sri Kshetra. The temple committee also performs samuhika marriages and samuhika upanayana for enthusiastic and poor Hindu devotees.

During Navaratri festival, Goddess Annapurna is adorned and worshipped in nine various forms of Shakti. On Vijaya Dashami, Chandika Homa is performed. Rathotsava and Maharathotsava are celebrated in Phalguna masa as per Kannada calendar. It is the temple festival of Horanadu Annapurneshwari Devi.

Horanadu Annapurneshwari temple Phone numbers: +91 -08263- 274614 / 269714

Annapurna Ashtakam – A stotram to Goddess Annapurneshwari.

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  1. mahalakshmi says:

    Swamigale Namaskara,

    I would like know the charges applied for one time meal at sri kshetra…

    Kindly reply back at the earliest.


  2. K Vaithianathan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kindly let me know how to reach Horanadu Annapoorneswari Temple from Trivandrum, Kerala

  3. Horanadu says:

    Can you please upload Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple Photos, i would like to visit temple in Nov 2013.

    And also can you update with nearest temples, so we can cover in our trip.

  4. Nagesh K Chandra says:

    This is one of the best tourist place in karnataka, i suggest every one to visit this temple….

    Get blesses of annapoorneshwari devi

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      As per the official website of Horanadu Annapoorneshwari Temple….

      Bangalore to Horanadu:
      Kunigal – Hassan – Belur – Mudigere – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 326 Kms
      Kunigal – Hassan – Belur – Chikamagalur – Balehonur – Kalasa – Horanadu – 346 Kms
      Mysore To Horanadu:
      K.R.Nagar – Holenarasipur – Hassan – Belur – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 265 Kms
      K.R.Nagar – Holenarasipur – Hassan – Belur – Chikamagalur – Balehonur – Kalasa – Horanadu – 285 Kms
      Shimoga To Horanadu:
      N.R.Pura – Balehonnur – Kalasa – Horanadu – 136kms
      Dharmastala To Horanadu:
      Ujire – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 108 Kms
      Guruvainkere – Bajagoli – Kudremukh – Kalasa – Horanadu – 125 Kms
      Subramanya To Horanadu:
      Darmastala – Ujire – Kottigehara – Kalasa – Horanadu – 158 Kms
      Darmastala – Guruvainkere – Bajagoli – Kudremukh – Kalasa – Horanadu – 175 Kms
      Sringeri To Horanadu:
      Jayapura – Balehole – Kalasa – Horanadu – 70 Kms
      Kerekatte – S.K.Border – Kudremukh – Kalasa – Horanadu – 90 Kms
      Mangalore To Horanadu:
      Mudubidre – Karkala – Bajagoli – Kudremukh – Kalasa – Horanadu – 136 Kms
      Udupi To Horanadu:
      Karkala – Bajagoli – Kudremukh – Kalasa – Horanadu – 118 Kms
      Reach By Train:
      Nearest Railway Stations:
      1. Hassan – To Horanadu – By Road 180kms
      2. Arsikere – To Horanadu – By Road 175kms
      3. Kadur – To Horanadu – By Road 136kms
      4. Shimoga – To Horanadu – By Road 136kms
      5. Mangalore – To Horanadu – By Road 136kms
      6. Bengaluru – To Horanadu – By Road 330kms
      7. Birur – To Horanadu – By Road 142kms
      Reach By Air:
      Nearest Airport:
      1. Mangalore Air Port – To Horanadu – By Road 136kms
      2. Bengaluru Airport – To Horanadu – By Road 330kms
      Weather Conditions:
      June to October : Rainy Season Average Rainfall 90″ -100″
      October to January : Cold Season average 16 -22 Degree Celsius
      January to May : Summer Season Average 25-33 Degree Celsius
      Crops : Paddy, Coffee, Tea, Cardamom, Pepper, Coconut, Areca nut & Etc.
      Nearest Pilgrim Places:
      Kalasa (8KMS) Kalaseshwara temple
      Dharmastala (108 KMS) Shri Manjunatha temple
      Shringeri (70 KMS) Shri Shringeri Saradamba
      Udupi (118 KMS) Shri Krishna Temple
      Kollur (168 KMS) Shri Kollour murarambika Temple
      Bellur and Halebedu (95 KMS)
      Shravana Belagola (220 KMS) Shri Bahubali
      Nearest Place Of Interests:
      Kudremukh – Dam & hanumanagundi WaterFall
      Ambathirtha – Picnic Spot
      Ballal Rayanadurga – Trekking Place
      Kudremukh Top – Trekking Place
      Mydhadi – Trekking Place
      Pooja timing:
      Mahamangalarathi Time: Morning at 9:00 am, Afternoon at 1:30 pm, Night at 9:00 pm.
      Kunkumarchana Time: Morning from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, Evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.
      Prasada Bojana Time: From 12:00 noon to 3:00 pm, Night from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.
      Note: All the above timings may vary on the special days.

  5. Vyshak says:


    Please check the above link for official website of Horanadu Temple.

  6. Ratanjali says:

    Climate of horanadu during summer in may 2013

  7. Saptanshu says:

    n r pura to hornandu temple road map

  8. L G Ramakantha says:

    Dear Swami

    We want to conduct our cousine marriage at Annapurna Temple horanadu please let us know how approach to the temple trust or management.

    The marriage dates available in APR-2017.

    My contact number is 9844412413 Bangalore