Holika Dahan 2021 date | Time of Holika Dahan during Holi Festival

Holika Dahan is a lighting of bonfire takes place during Holi. Usually, it is observed a day prior to Holi festival. In 2021, Holika Dahan date is March 28. The best time to perform Holika Dahan and to celebrate Holikotsav is in the night on 28 March 2021. The exact time for Holika Dahan would […]

Holika Dahan: 26 March 2013

Today, 26 March 2013 is Holika Dahan, Hutashani Purnima, Kamadahanam, Madana Purnima. It falls on the day before Holi festival in almost all parts of India. As we all know, Falgun Purnima (Phalguna Pournami) is observed as Holi festival. In South Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Holika Dahan is observed as […]