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Guruvayur Ekadashi 2015

Guruvayur Ekadashi is observed on Vrishchika Ekadasi, the Ekadashi day in the Malayali month of Vrishchikam. In 2015, Guruvayur Ekadashi date is November 22.

This is the grand event in Guruvayur Sri Krishna temple (Guruvayurappan temple). It is believed on this day Lord Sri Krishna conveyed the Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna. Hence this Ekadasi is observed as Gita Dinam in Vishnu temples of Kerala.

In 2015, Guruvayoor Ekadasi is celebrated as Prabhodini Ekadashi, Karthika Ekadashi, Tulasi Ekadashi etc in other places of India.

In 2014, Guruvayur Ekadashi date was December 2.

In 2013, Guruvayur Ekadashi date was December 13.

Guruvayur Ekadashi 2012 date was November 24.

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  1. Subramanya Mahadeva says:

    Vaikathashtami date in 2009? Post information about vaikathashtami festival in kerala. it is celebrated in vaikom mahadeva temple. Another major festival in the temple is celebrate in malayalam month of Kumbom.