Gopuja is a famous puja which is celebrated in India, and also in foreign countries, by our Indian people. This puja is performed to cows, by considering it as the holy mother goddess, and also to remove the evils from us, and to show our great respect to the holy animal cow. During the time […]

Significance of Go-daana (Donating Cow), reason behind doing it…

Significance of Go-daana (Donating Cow), reason behind doing it… Let us first understand the meaning of the word ‘Go’. What does it mean? There are four meanings to it: Go means jnana (knowledge), gaman (to travel to one’s final destination), prapti (the act of receiving something) and Moksha (liberation). So the word ‘Go’ is synonymous […]

Goshala (Gaushala)

Goshalas are the safety shelters for cows in India. Goshalas aims on taking care of cows in a proper manner, since cows are considered as the sacred animal in Hinduism. Goshalas are established in India from 19th century onwards. The main aim of the people working in Goshalas is to rescue the wandering cows and […]

Cows have Significant ability to fight HIV, could help in Vaccine development

Gaumata - Cow Slaughter in India

According to US National Institutes of Health ‘Cows have ‘remarkable’ ability to fight HIV and could hold clue to vaccine and the findings are ‘a significant step forward’. The animals’ powerful immune systems rapidly produce special antibodies that neutralise the virus, scientists found. Only 10 to 20 per cent of humans with HIV naturally develop the […]

Gopooja Mahatmyam (Telugu)

Gaumata - Cow Slaughter in India

Gopooja Mahatmyam is explained here in Telugu.. According to the Puranas, Gaumata is the Pratyaksha Parama Devata (Mother Goddess). Gaumata Pooja is a major aspect of Gokulashtami, Govatsa Dwadashi, Karthika Masam poojas, etc.. పురాణాల ఆధారంగా చూసుకుంటే అమ్మలగన్నయమ్మ ముగ్గురమ్మల మూలపుటమ్మ శ్రీకనకదుర్గమ్మ త్రిశక్తి స్వూరూపిణి కావడంతో అమ్మవారి అలయం వెలుపల గోపూజ ప్రాముఖ్యత ఎంతో ఉందని పండితుల మాట. సకల దోషాలను హరించే […]