Gomedh Gemstone, Hessonite, Gomedhikam

Gomedh gemstone

Gomedh gemstone

Hessonite also known as Gomedh is the gemstone associated with the planet Rahu. Rahu is known as a karmic planet and the day prescribed to wear the gemstone is on Saturday. This gemstone can help to neutralise the ill effects of Rahu.

Gomedh is the eighth one of Navaratna, Nine Gemstones as per Hindu Astrology.

The planets Rahu and Ketu are known to cause havoc in any person’s life if they are not aligned favourably in the person’s horoscope. Hence in order to counter the ill effects of the planet, one needs to appease the planet by worshipping the God.

Another method to neutralise the ill effects of Rahu is by wearing the gemstone made of Gomedh which is known to give the blessings of the planet Rahu.

The Hessonite gemstone is known to remove fear and create clarity in the mind of the person. It also bestows financial growth and helps in advancing spiritually. It also increases appetite, vitality, confers good health, wealth and happiness.

It is also beneficial for people suffering from allergies, skin disorder, piles, epilepsy, infection of the eyes, cold, sinus, fatigue and insomnia.

The Gomedh gemstone is to be worn on the middle finger on a Saturday  It should not be worn along with Ruby and pearl. However it is best to consult your astrologer or gemstone therapist before wearing the gemstone.

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