God only shows Sympathy on us

Rama squirrel

Rama squirrel

We can expect sympathy only from the god, and we cannot expect it from anywhere else. Whenever we are in need of help from anyone, instead of approaching them directly, if we pray to the god, and then if we ask them, they would willfully help us. God only hears our cries and consoles us like our loving mother. In some cases, in our absence, even god would take our form and would finish our duties. We might have studied about these types of miracles in many devotional books.

All the religions preach, “Trust in god, and then you would be saved”. Trusting the god is the main thing in our life, since each and every day we need his help. Before we start any new work, we must have to first pray to the almighty, and then only we have to start proceeding that work. Some people would tell, since god has already decided your fate then there is no use in worshipping him at all. But actually it is not like that. Even though god wrote bad fate on our head, if we approach him like his child, and ask him to show sympathy on us in a polite manner, then definitely he would bend our fate, and would make us to smile happily.

When Lord Rama and other Vanaras started construction of the bridge, the little squirrel also helped them by bringing small, small stones on its tiny hands. Rama didn’t neglect that, but instead of that, he accepted its small service, and also gently rubbed it on his lotus hands. Similarly, if we also do some small service to the god, like helping in cleaning of temples, providing tube lights to the temples, repair and renovation of temples and providing food to the poor people would please him very much, and definitely he would show sympathy on us, and would fulfil our reasonable needs in our life.

If God has shown mercy even to the demons and granted them salvation, then why he is going to neglect us? According to him, all are equal, and he didn’t show any partiality between his wonderful creations in the world. Hence let us ask him to remove our past births sins.


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