Glorifying the God

Krishna talking to friends

Krishna talking to friends

It is our foremost duty to glorify the god by chanting his mantras, reciting his names, doing prayers and singing songs on him. Everybody wants to lead a happy and a stress free life. But if we suffer from problems, then immediately we are cursing the god, and we are even ignoring to worship him.

Actually we should not do like that. As per Rishi Veda Vyasa, Human life is a mixture of happiness and sorrows, and nobody would enjoy only the happiness in their life. All kinds of people would be supposed to commit good as well as bad acts, and they would have to face the results from the outcome of their deeds.

The only way to stop committing sins is to devote our entire attention on the god, and to think about him permanently till our last breathe. All of us would like sit in the lap of Ma Shakti Devi, similar to Lord Muruga and Vinayaka, since by doing that, our entire karmas would be erased, and we would become pious and sin free persons. But it is not possible at this present situation of life, since we are focussing our attention mainly on worldly matters. Ma Shakti Devi would consider all the humans as her divine children, and she would hug us with utmost affection and would shower her grace on us.

Most of us are worshipping the gods and the goddesses only as a daily routine, and we are not revealing our true love and affection on the almighty. We would have read in the Bhagavatham, that due to the selfless devotion of his devotees, Lord Narayana had sent his Divine Flight to the earth, in order to take them to his abode, the beautiful Vaikunta. Hence let us show our selfless devotion on the almighty, and let us aim to reach the holy abode of the almighty, after our death.


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