Gaurilila Samanvitha murthy

Umamaheshwara Lord Shiva Parvati

Umamaheshwara Lord Shiva Parvati

Gaurilila Samanvitha murthy is the Lord Shiva himself, in one of the forms where his presence includes Goddess Parvati as well. ‘Gauri’ refers to Goddess Parvati and ‘Lila’ refers to the wonderful and easeful tactics done by Gods to save their devotees from the troublesome situations. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati always take care of their devotees and the people who stick to ‘Dharma’.

Gaurilila Samanvitha murthy describes the series of incidents where the grace of Lord Shiva on Parvati and the grace of Parvati on the nature are evident. Though Shiva and Parvati are very powerful, they often depend on each other’s grace to balance the law of nature and look after all the Universe with equilibrium. The resultant of the events which are the cause of Lord Shiva’s grace and his divinity are referred to  Shiva Leela and that of Goddess Shakti is called Jaganmaya.

It is believed that the entire Universe is born due to the act of Jaganmaya and it is Lord Shiva who decides what to be done at what time. At the same time, the entire Universe is being governed by Lord Vishnu, in association with Goddess Shakti, who whenever required exist in the physical world and bring back the righteousness on track in the different forms. However, Lord Shiva remains as the only one giving a constant stand of morality in all the ages.

Lord Shiva along with the Charm of Jaganmaya is known as Gaurilila Samanvitha murthy. Both Jaganmaya and the grace of Lord Shiva bring the true combination of the Truth behind the existence of everything and its Beauty.

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