Gangotri Yatra 2022 | Gangotri Temple dates

Gangotri Yatra or the pilgrimage tour to Gangotri Temple is one of the four prominent and holy temple tours (Chardham Yatra) as per Hinduism. Usually, Gangotri temple opens on Akshay Tritiya day.

Gangotri temple opening date in 2022 is May 3 as per the official website of Gangotri temple. The pundits in the temple closes Gangotri temple on Diwali after performing some special pujas.

Apart from special pujas on opening date and closing date of the temple several rituals are followed on Janmashtami and Vijaydasami.

Gangotri Temple Closing date is in 4th week of October 2022.

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  1. Janki Sinha says:

    Jai Ganga Ma !! We are planning to visit Gangotri dham temple in June or July. can you please tell us about the facilities like transport, food, and other.

  2. Gangotri says:

    Thanks you for updating the opening dates of Gangotri. Jai Ganga Maa…

  3. Ranju says:

    Please let me know what is the closing date for gangotri temple for 2011