Gandhamadana Parvata | Mountain from which Hanuman started his Lanka Journey

The holy Mount Gandhamadana is situated a few kilometres away from Rameshwaram, and it is believed that Lord Hanuman had started his Lanka trip from this mountain only. When he was about to start from this holy mountain, he pressed his legs on the mountain, and made his body to grow in a gigantic shape, then he began to pray to all the deities and chanted Rama Mantra for three times, and began to rise in the sky. At that time, due to his heavy weight, the mountain was shattered into various pieces.

At that time, the sages, Gandharvas and various other divine people who were staying in the holy mountain, were afraid, and they thought that the mountain was attacked by a powerful demon. After some time, they came out from their places, and the they realized that the mountain was disturbed by Lord Hanuman only, and they felt very happy on him, and they also blessed him to succeed in his divine work.

This mountain contains great significance, and it is also believed that lot of divine demigods like Gandharvas, Kinnaras and Kimpurushas are permanently staying in this place along with their consorts. And it is also believed that the divine personalities like Dhruva, Markandeya and BhaktaPrahalada had once meditated in this holy mountain.

This mountain contains full of natural beauty and it is surrounded with full of greenery and also contains various medicinal herbs. Ancient Siddha saints have visited this place, and sung songs in praise of Lord Shiva and Lord Muruga.

The significance of this mountain is also mentioned in Ramayana, Mahabharata and in various puranas, and various poets were sung songs in praise of this holy mountain. Similar to visiting various sight-seeing places, we can also visit these holy mountain ranges, at least once in our life time, since in this mountain only, Lord Hanuman had started his journey to Lanka, and similar to that, lot of good incidents were happened in this mountain.


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