Gandhamadana Parvata | Mountain from which Hanuman started his Lanka Journey

The holy Mount Gandhamadana is situated a few kilometres away from Rameshwaram, and it is believed that Lord Hanuman had started his Lanka trip from this mountain only. When he was about to start from this holy mountain, he pressed his legs on the mountain, and made his body to grow in a gigantic shape, […]

Himalayas, the Holy Mountains

The another name for the holy mountain Himalayas is Himavan, and he is the son of Lord Brahma, and his consort is Mata Maina also called as Menavati, and his brothers are Jambavan and Narada. His children are Mata Ganga, Mata Parvati and the Holy Mountain Mainaka. The holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna also flows […]

Mainaka Parvatha | Holy Mountain Mainaka

Mainaka is a holy mountain which was mentioned in Ramayana. He is the affectionate brother of Ma Parvati, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Mainaka has got lot of powers, and he has the capability to fly in the upper worlds, contains a shining appearance, and looks in golden colour, similar to […]

Holy Mountains in Hindu Scriptures

God’s creations are wonderful, the natural beauty and the scenery make a feast for our eyes. The holy rivers, charming birds and animals, small insects, trees are all provides cheerfulness to us. By having a look at these things, we would forget our worries, and we can get great relaxation in our mind and body. […]