Mainaka Parvatha | Holy Mountain Mainaka

Mainaka is a holy mountain which was mentioned in Ramayana. He is the affectionate brother of Ma Parvati, and he is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. Mainaka has got lot of powers, and he has the capability to fly in the upper worlds, contains a shining appearance, and looks in golden colour, similar to the holy Mountain Kailasha, the abode of Lord Shiva.

Mainaka was the pious son of the Mountain King Himalaya and his holy consort Ma Maina, who is the daughter of Lord Daksha Bhagavan, son of Lord Brahma.Lord Himalaya and Maina prayed to Mata Shakti Devi, and due to their bhakti, Mata Shakti Devi was born to them as their daughter and they have named her as Uma who is also called as Parvati.

As per legend, during ancient times, all the mountains had wings and they used to fly to the upper worlds. Since Lord Indra felt that the flying act of the mountains would disturb the Devas, he had cut the wings of almost all the mountains. But Lord Vayu safely pushed the Holy Mainaka into the ocean. And from then onwards, he has been protected by Lord Varuna Bhagavan, the Ocean god.

During the Treta Yuga, when Lord Hanuman was on his way to Srilanka, Lord Varuna Bhagavan had asked Mainaka to come out from the ocean, and to take a bigger size, in order to make Lord Hanuman to take rest for some time. Mainaka agreed, and came out from the Ocean, and had grown into a gigantic shape. Hanuman thought that someone is disturbing him, and hence he tried to knock the mountain through his chest. Then, Mainaka took the human form, and asked Lord Hanuman to take rest for some time in his place.

But due to his urgent work, Hanuman didn’t take rest in the mountain, but blessed him, and however, after his return from Srilanka, he took rest in the Mountain Mainaka for a few seconds, and gently touched his hands on the head of the mountain, and went from that place.

Holy mountains are also considered as the incarnations of the deities. They are having super natural powers, would provide very good natural scenery, and also give reach feast to the eyes of the viewers. Worshipping the holy mountains is similar to worshipping Lord Shiva, since Lord Shiva is residing in the holy mountain Kailasha.


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