Fourth House in Horoscope (Sukha Bhava in Vedic Astrology)

The Fourth House in the Horoscope denotes the mother, family life, ancestral property, vehicles, education, mental peace and happiness, intelligence, savings of the native. Here, the information on what are the positive effects (effects if planets are benefic) and negative effects (effects if planets are malefic) is given.

It indicates the emotional behaviour of the person and his devotion and well being.

The fourth house is related to chest, heart, lungs, blood vessels, stomach, diaphragm, right part of the body and right nostril. It explains the relationship with family members and his general well being in life. This house is also known as the Sukh Bhava.

Effects of various planets in 4th House (Chautha Bhava)

Effects of Sun in fourth house : When Sun is benefic, the native will be kindhearted , good administrator and be blessed with good source of income. Malefic Sun makes him greedy and will harm others.

Effects of Moon in fourth house : When Moon is benefic, the native will be reputed and honoured and be blessed with all sorts of riches. Malefic Moon will result in loss of wealth and peace of mind.

Effects of Mercury in fourth house : When Mercury is benefic, the native will have good relation with mother and be a good trader. Malefic Mercury will mean loss of wealth and peace of mind.

Effects of Venus in fourth house : When Venus is benefic, he will be blessed with a good family life. Malefic Venus will make him indulge in bad habits and spoil his family life.

Effects of Mars in fourth house : When Mars is benefic, it will give good results. Malefic Mars will indicate the loss of wealth and peace of mind due to spoilt relation with family members.

Effects of Jupiter in fourth house : When Jupiter is benefic, the native will have power to decide the fate and fortune of others. Malefic Jupiter will mean that the native will be poor and have a disturbed family life.

Effects of Saturn in fourth house : When Saturn is benefic, it will indicate good relation with parents. Malefic Saturn will make him get addicted to alcohol and destroy his life.

Effects of Rahu in fourth house : When Rahu is benefic, the native will be intelligent, wealthy and lead a good family life. Malefic Rahu will make him poor.

Effects of Ketu in fourth house : When Ketu is benefic, the native will be very lucky for his parents and will have lots of wealth. Malefic Ketu will make him suffer from diseases.

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