Forgive yourself if you commit a mistake

Do not be unforgiving of yourself if you commit a mistake or make an error. Life didn’t come with a fool-proof manual. Most of us are doing the best that we can. We’re not perfect. We learn from our mistakes and from stumbling.

Like almost everyone else, I have a great number of responsibilities. In fact, it usually seems like I’m juggling ten or twenty balls in the air simultaneously. So, to assume, I’ll never make mistakes is absurd.

Can you sense how framing mistakes in this more realistic way gets you off the hook? In other words, when you make a mistake – even a stupid one – this more philosophical outlook allows you to keep your perspective and sense of humor instead of beating yourself up.

Instead of saying to yourself, “What an idiot,” you should be able to say, “More proof that I’m human.”

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  1. Subhiksha says:

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  2. Arij says:

    does mata forgive you if you make a mistake in her puja