A forest is a large area surrounded by trees.Large number of forests are scattered throughout the world. But compared to ancient times, now the forest area had shrunk and the area was drastically reduced. This is due to destroying the forests and building houses and commercial establishments in that place.

A forest acts as a pillar for the country. Destroying the forests would cause great change in the atmosphere, and due to the cutting of more number of trees and plants, the natural scenery and greenery would not be visible to our eyes. By destroying the forest areas, the animals living in the forests would not find suitable place for their living and would come to the residential areas and would give lot of troubles to the people.

By destroying the nature’s gift, we would get the curse of Mata VanaDevata, who is none other than our holy Mata Shakti Devi, and due to that, the entire place near the forest area would gradually face the situation of disaster. In ancient times, big sages used to set up their ashrams in the dense forests, and peacefully do meditation on the almighty. They would not fear about the animals living in the forests, and the wild animals also would not cause any harm to them. But nowadays, excepting tribal people and the forest officers no one is residing in the forest.

Due to the expansion of houses and industries, forests are slowly getting reduced in their sizes, and in the future, vast area of the forest would be utilized for some other purpose. It is also believed that in some dense forests, some ancient rishis are still meditating on the almighty, and they would not be visible to our eyes. By destroying the forests, we would get the curse of the rishis also.

Hence let us love the nature and let us pray to the almighty to safeguard the forests from destruction.

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