Our Expectations from God

Our expectations from the god are very high and there is no limit for our expectations! Just by putting a small amount in the temple Hundial, we used to expect huge returns from the god! Sometimes, we even used to think of becoming the god itself, since by taking the form of the god, we need not worry about anything in our life. Human needs are never ending, and if one need is satisfied, then we would think about satisfying our other needs.

For example, if we lives in an apartment, then we would think of buying an own house, and after buying that, we would think of buying a big bungalow, purchase of luxury car, maintenance of huge balance in our bank account etc. Even if we get all these things, still we would not get entire satisfaction out of that!

Some people used to think that the Bhagavathas like Sant Tukaram and Ma Meera Bai have attained high position in the kingdom of god, and they also want to become like them! Becoming a saint at this Kaliyuga is very difficult! We could become a saint just for one day, few days or for a month. Throughout our entire life, we can’t live the life of a saint, since our needs and expectations are very big, and it is very difficult for us to lead a simple life like that of the great saints, like Tukaram, Meerabai and Gnaneswar, since they have dedicated their entire life towards worshipping the god, and they even forgets about fulfilling their basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

In his Bhagavat Gita Discourse, Lord Krishna tells to Arjuna, “Hey my dear Arjuna, human expectations are very high, and they want to even catch the sun, moon and the stars in the sky. Without putting any efforts, if a pauper wants to become a king, how could it be possible? Human needs must be limited, and instead of thinking about the material needs, they have to think about the spiritual matters, and must invoke their mind on it. Without my blessings, a person cannot lift even a small dust particle on his hand. Hence people must have to limit their expectations, and instead of that, they have to keep thinking about fulfilling the spiritual expectations of the god, such as by the way of developing more and more bhakti on me, in order to become like the Bhagavathas, Sri Prahalada and Dhruva. Whatever things you have with you, would be perished on one day, but whatever good karmas you fetch by the way of worshipping be, would never perish, but would grow fast. Hence people must reduce their worldly expectations and must keep concentrating on me, me, and me only”.


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