Kartik Snan 2019 dates | Karthika Snanam, ritual bath in Kartik Month

Kartik Snan or Karthika Snanam is an auspicious bath ritual observed in holy rivers during Kartik month. In 2019, Kartik Snan dates – starts on October 13 and ends on November 12 in North Indian Hindi calendars.

As per Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada calendars, Kartik Snan 2019 begins on October 28 and ends on 26 November.

But mostly, Kartik Snan is performed till Kartik Purnima only (November 12, 2019).

Kartika Snan katha or legend or story of Kartik snan is mentioned in Puranas as a conversation between Sage Vasista and King Janaka. Devotees can fetch the merits of Aswamedha Yagna by performing bathing in holy rivers during Kartik month.

Important dates for Kartik Snan 2019

Kartik Pratipada – October 14, 2019 in Hindi calendars and 28 October in other lunar calendars.

Kartik Amavasya – 28 October 2019 (in Hindi calendars) and in other calendars on November 26.

Kartik Ekadashi – 8 November 2019 – Prabhodini Ekadasi

Kartik Dwadashi – 9 November 2019 – Ksheerabdi Dwadasi

Vaikunta Chaturdashi – 11 November 2019

Kartik Purnima – 12 November 2019 – Tripurari Purnima

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