Emerald Gemstone: Markat, Panna

Emerald gemstone

Emerald gemstone

Emerald also known as Markat or Panna is the gemstone of the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is associated with speech and the gemstone is to be worn on a Wednesday. This is green in colour and worn on the little finger.

Emerald is the fourth one of Navaratna, Nine Gemstones as per Hindu Astrology.

Emerald is associated with the planet Mercury and gives the wearer good health and intelligence. It also bestows wealth and children and protects the wearer from bites of snakes and other evil influences.

Emerald is also known to be helpful in getting rid of insomnia and depression. It is also beneficial for the eyes, liver and helps to detoxify the blood. It strengthens the heart chakra which aids in harmony, love , patience and honesty.

Emerald gemstone is green in colour and it is due to the presence of chromium and vanadium. It is found in granites, pegmatites and schists and alluvial deposits.

This gemstone has many benefits but it should be chosen with a lot of care as a blemished emerald can lead to injury and cause mental and physical illness to the wearer. Also it should be worn only on the prescription of a qualified astrologer or a gem theraphist after performing the required puja as per rituals.

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