Eknathi Bhagwat | Ekanth Bhagavatham

Ekanth Bhagavatham also known as Eknathi Bhagwat is a spiritual book written by Sant Eknath in praise of Lord Krishna, and this wonderful work is considered as a great master piece in the Varkari Sampradaya. Eknath had written this great epic, after he came to know that his young disciple, who had served him faithfully for about twelve years, was none other than his beloved Lord Krishna.

Eknath was a 16th century Varkari Saint, and he was a great devotee of Lord Vitthala, a form of Lord Krishna. Being a great admirer of Sant Jnanesvar, he has become a great saint of Maharashtra, and also established the Krishna Bhakti Movement in Maharashtra. Ekanth wrote a wonderful commentary on some portions of Srimad Bhavatham, and it is called as Eknath Bhagavatham. This text is still praised by the devotees of Lord Vitthala for its simplicity and easy readability.

Some of the contents present in the Eknath Bhagavatham are as follows:-

1. Lord Krishna is the supreme Lord, he is the universal master, and he attracts all of his devotees, through his fascinating features.

2. Oh! Lord Krishna when you walked in the streets of Vrindavan, you didn’t see me, and if you have seen me, I would have attained salvation.

3. Oh! Lord Krishna, you have been praised by various names, and you are very kind with your devotees, and you are also called as “BHAKTAVATSALA”, by your devotees.

4. Oh! Lord Krishna, your childhood plays and miracles are amazing, and please show your divine vision,in order to see your childhood plays.

5. Oh! Lord Krishna, you have shown your great bondage with the cowherd boys and with the Gopikas, and they have seen you as their friend, philosopher, child and god.

6. Oh! The great Krishna, by reciting your lovely names, I feel as if I have drunk the divine nectar from the heaven.

7. Oh! We are considering you as our very best, and you cannot be avoided in our daily life.

8. Oh! Lord Krishna. Please remove the bad thoughts from our mind, and please give the spiritual pleasure permanently in our lives.

9. Oh! Lord Krishna, please add sweetness in our lives through your blessings.


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