Sant Hari | Son of Sant Eknath

Sant Hari (16th century AD) was the son of Eknath Maharaj, who was also a holy man similar to his father, and he was a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna and a great Varkari saint. Varkari Saints are the sincere devotees of Lord Vithoba, a form of Lord Krishna, and their entire thoughts would be only on Lord Vithoba. Hari was born in a Brahmin family at a village in Maharashtra. He had two sisters, and their names are Godavari and Ganga.

His ancestors used to worship Mata Ekvira, also called as Mata Renuka Devi, the holy and the lovely mother of Lord Parasurama, who is a chaste and a holy woman goddess, and she is worshipped in different names in various places of India.Similar to his father, he had great bhakti on Lord Vithoba from his childhood itself. He used to visit the Pandharpur along with his father, and sung divine songs on Lord Vithoba in the Pandharpur temple. Similar to his father, he has also contributed a lot in the Hindi literature by writing divine poems on Lord Vithoba.

Sant Hari also wrote commentary on Bhagavatha Purana and Ramayana. He has written his wonderful writings in the Palm leaf manuscripts, but since the texts were not preserved properly, and also it was eaten by the white ants, hence at this present situation, most of his writings are not available.

Similar to Dnyaneshwar, he had performed some miracles at his young age itself. At his young age, once he didn’t attend the classes in his school, and instead of that, he went to a nearby Krishna temple. In order to prevent him to get scolding from others, Lord Krishna took his form, went to the school, and attended the class.

He had married at his teenage and had children. Due to his simplicity and kindness, more and more people gets attracted over him, and become his followers. He also healed the diseases of the devotees by chanting the Panduranga Namam.

Some of the beautiful verses from his poems are as follows:

1. We would get good Karma by chanting the holy names of Lord Panduranga.

2. Always keep thinking about the great Lord Sri Panduranga.

3. If people worship Panduranga sincerely, then there is no need to worry about them and also about their family.

4. By singing songs on Panduranga, I am getting great spiritual pleasure in my mind and body.

5. Nothing would come with us after our death, except our Panduranga Bhakti.

6. Don’t waste even a single moment of your life without praising the holy Panduranga.

7. Visit the holy Pandharpur, worship Panduranga and place all of your burdens on the shoulders of Lord Panduranga.

8. Always think that Lord Panduranga dwells in your heart.

9. Without showing sincere bhakti on Panduranga we cannot aim for attaining Mukti.


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