Goddess Ekaveera Devi Temple, Mahur

Ekaveera devi mahur

Ekaveera devi mahur

The temple in Mahur is dedicated to Goddess Ekaveera and is loacted in Kinwat, about 130 km away from Nanded in Maharashtra. Ekaveera mata is the mother of Parashuram who is one of the avataras of Lord Vishnu.

It is one of the most important Shakti Peethas in India. Mahur is amongst the four places of pilgrimage having the abodes of the three and a half goddesses that are of major significance in the state of Maharashtra. The other three are Kolhapur, Tuljapur and Saptashrungi and Mahur is half, because it is only the head of the goddess that is visible.

It is believed that the temple has been constructed by a Yadava King of Devgiri about eight or nine hundred years ago. The temple of Ekaveera devi is located on a hill top. There are carved caves in the hills around Mahur.

The temple of Goddess Ekaveera Devi is situated on a hillock abounding in natural beauty at a distance of about 2.5 kms from the village of Mahur. On the day of Dasara every year a very big fair is held in honour of Ekaveera Devi.

The temple can be reached by road and rail, for which Kinwat is the nearest place which is about 50 kms from the temple. Nagpur is the nearest airport which is about 200 kms from the temple.

Mahur Ekaveera Devi Temple is popularly known as Renuka Mata Temple or Renuka Devi Sansthan.

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