Ekadashi Fasting Procedure: Ekadashi Upvaas Vidhi

The powerful Goddess who arose from Lord Vishnu in order to defeat Demon Mura is named as Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu being happy with her powerful and divine act blessed her wholeheartedly and said that each and every one who strictly observes Ekadasi fast will be immediately freed of their all types of sins and will soon attain Moksha.

It is to be noted that on the Dasami day, the day before Ekadasi, some Hindu devotees only take a single meal. The things that are needed for Ekadasi Puja and Prayer are idol of Lord Vishnu; it can also be a photo or picture of the said Lord. Some fruits in a tray, a handful of Tulsi leaves which is hand picked the previous day and it should not be picked on the day.  A bunch of Yellow bananas and other normal puja items are most important items.

The method of observance of Ekadashi Vrat fasting is so simple. A person should wake up early in the morning. He or she must take bath and offer prayers then perform a puja of simple nature at home for Lord Vishnu by lighting lamp and offering Tulsi leaves and fruits.  Then meditate or pray for just few minutes.

In case there is a Vishnu temple near your house then visit the temple in the early morning and witness the puja and rituals with much devotion and dedication. On the day of Ekadashi, the main observance is the complete fast or Upavas. The fasting is done for 24 hours. On the other hand, it is strongly believed that total abstinence or a partial from food on the day of Ekadasi is wholeheartedly rewarded with bliss.

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