Durvasa, Ambarisha: Story of Ekadashi Vrat Paaran on Dwadashi

The story of Sage Durvasa and the King Ambarisha tells the importance of Ekadashi Vrat Paaran (Ekadashi fast breaking) on Dwadashi day. The story also tells the Mahatmya of Durvasa Muni… Being of the Amsha of Maha Deva, Maharshi Durvasa was stated to be of extremely short temper. An interesting happening was narrated by Sage […]

Ekadashi Fasting Procedure: Ekadashi Upvaas Vidhi

The powerful Goddess who arose from Lord Vishnu in order to defeat Demon Mura is named as Ekadashi. Lord Vishnu being happy with her powerful and divine act blessed her wholeheartedly and said that each and every one who strictly observes Ekadasi fast will be immediately freed of their all types of sins and will […]