Science behind Ekadashi Fasting | Scientific Significance

Lord Vishnu Pictures Hd

Lord Vishnu Pictures Hd

Fasting is the postponing of eating of food items for a period of time, and Fasting improves our digestion capacity and would create hungriness. Fasting is the best method to be adopted by all the people both from scientific as well as from spiritual point of view. Many researchers and doctors advise us to observe fasting at least once in a week, in order to remove the toxins stored in our lungs.

Many saints and holy people have lived their life by observing fast for several weeks and even for several months. Some people would observe fasting for religious purposes also, like fasting during Shivaratri and Ekadashi etc.

Fasting observed during Ekadashi and Vaikunta Ekadashi is considered as a very good act, since by observing fasting on those days, our digestive system would get improved as well as we can please Lord Vishnu also.

Those who contain fat body are advised to observe fasting at least thrice in a week, in order to burn their calories, and to make them into healthier people. Fasting improves blood circulation levels, cleanse our mind and body and tensions and depressions can be avoided.

Fasting is followed by most of the religious minded people belongs to Hindu religion. In the holy text, Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna had narrated to Arjuna about the importance of observing fasting during Ekadashi day. Those who observe fasting on Ekadashi days, and especially on Vaikunta Ekadashi day, would never take birth again and they would be merged with Krishna. Such a spiritual significance is there in observing fasting on Ekadashi.

By observing fasting on Ekadashi, we can satisfy Lord Krishna and also our digestive levels in our body would get improved. Both scientifically as well as spiritually we would derive lot of benefits in observing fasting on Ekadashi day.

Fasting on Ekadashi is an ancient tradition and in Ekadashi day, if we are able to observe full day fasting, we can do so. Or otherwise, we can have milk, curd, fruit juice and fruits as our food on that day. Consuming Tulasi leaves mixed with water is considered as very sacred activity on Ekadashi day, and by doing that, we would get the blessings of Mata Lakshmi also.

Hence let us observe fasting on Ekadashi days, in order to get a good health and be blessed.


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