Efficacy of Vedic incantations

The efficacy of Vedic incantations, recited strictly according to tradition, can be proved scientifically. One of the religious functions for an enceinte woman suggests the rendering of special Mantras by two proficient players on two veenas.

The sound waves are found to have a direct bearing on the growth of the child, which will be found exceptionally talented. The Mantras retain their power for all time. From womb to tomb of a person, about 40 religious rites have been prescribed (Samskaras) for the prosperity, happiness and sound health of a human being. Marriage is never treated as a mere biological necessity: on the other hand, it is a sacred contract intended to maintain the continuity of a family.

The Mantras recited during the functions are intended to ensure a sound progeny. A political treatise, Sukra Needhi, gives an instance where a dull person was turned intelligent by making him repeat some of the religious functions, as it was guessed that their performance on earlier occasions while he was young had become infructuous as they had been carried out imperfectly.

In a discourse  Sri S Panchapakesa Sastrigal referred to the Pumsavana-Seemantham function that had to be organised during the fourth month of a woman’s pregnancy, though traditionally it was being conducted at a much later period.

The Mantras chanted would result in the proper development of the child with out deformities. The basic requirement to test the potency of the Mantras was faith and belief in our Sastras.

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