Effects of Sun in 1st House, Lagna

The native will be fond of constructing religious buildings and digging of wells for public purposes. He will have permanent source of livelihood- more from the government. Money earned from honest sources will keep multiplying. He will believe only his eyes, not in ears.

Positive effects of Sun in 1st house 

He would have a mature outlook in life and build charitable houses and wells. Even though he will not have any ancestral property he will serve his father well. He will serve his children also. He will be offer rash temper but a philanthropist and helpful to poor people. He will enjoy long life along with his parents. He will be a man of power and authority and will earn through travel. He will enjoy financial comforts throughout his life provided Sun and Mercury are interconnected.

When Sun is in 1st house will be a self earning person .When Moon is in House No. 2 and Saturn is in House No. 11 he will be a man of high rank and authority. When Mercury and Venus are supporting each other he will have excellent luck and wealth and there will be no hurdles in business. When Mercury is in House No. 7 the native will not have any vices and he will be religious and pious. Venus and Ketu will be favourable.

Malefic Effects of Sun

Negative effects of Sun in 1st house

When Sun is in House No. 1, 5, 11 the effect of Saturn will always manifest to the ratio of 25%. This indicates that in spite of being a man of power and authority and religious nature he will be trapped in vice habits.

When Venus is in House No. 7 the father will die in early age and his wife will suffer from ill health.

When Mars is in House No. 5 many of his sons will die and when Saturn is in House No. 8 many of his wives will die.

When House No. 7 is blank the sun will be dormant and he should marry before the age of 24. When Jupiter, Mars, Moon are malefic he will have miserable fortune.

The native’s father may die in early childhood. Having sex in the day time will make the wife constantly ill and have infection of tuberclosis if Venus is placed in the 7th house.

Sun in the 1st house and Mars in the 5th house will cause the death of sons, one after the other.

Sun in the 1st house and Saturn in the 8th house will cause the death of wives, one after the other.

If there is no planet in the 7th house the marriage before 24th year will prove lucky for the native, otherwise the 24th year of the native would prove highly disastrous for him

Lal Kitab Remedial Measures:

  • Marry before 24th year of life.
  • Don’t have sex with wife during the day time.
  • Install a hand pump for water in your ancestral house.
  • Construct small dark room in the left side at the end of your house.
  • Either of the spouse must stop eating “GUR” (Jaggery)

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