Effects of Moon in 1st House

There are various positive and negative effects of having Moon in 1st House (Lagna – Ascendant). Here are some positive and negative effects listed…

Positive effects of moon in 1st house

When Sun, Mars or Jupiter is in House No. 4, 10 he will gain through sea voyages and he should seek the blessings of his mother before and after the journey.

When House No. 7, 8 have benefic planets he will be very wealthy.

When Venus is in House No. 7 he will have a good family life. When Mercury is in House No. 7 they will be flow of wealth through voyages.

Negative effects of moon in 1st house

Selling of articles related to moon will be the source of his destruction. When Saturn or sun is in House No. 6 he will be miserably poor.

When Mercury is weak and afflicted or 8 house is weak or Mars is negative he will have a troubled and unhappy life.

Moon in 1st House..

When moon is in 1st house the native will enjoy a long life and abundant wealth if he obeys his mother. There will be loss of prestige and honour if he resorts to cheating. The death of mother or sister will prove inauspicious. Read more on Moon in 1st House.

What is Lagna (First House)?

Also known as Lagna or ascendant, this is the most important house since it marks the beginning of the horoscope. This house represents the character and personality of the native along with his general well being. Body in general… limbs, complexion are indicated by this house. Read more about the First House.

Lalkitab Remedies for Moon in 1st House (Chandra in Lagna)

When Moon is in 1st house, if the native deals in items of Moon like selling of milk and other items, it will destroy him and his wealth. When the native marries during the 24th and 27th year, his life will become miserable. Read more about the remedies for Moon in 1st House..

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  1. Amit Lamba says:

    One more point to add to the negative list above is that I have Noticed that Many times with Moon in the 1st House or Ascendent , The person tends to loose his hair early in life and become bald .

    Amit Lamba