Effects of Moon in 1st House

There are various positive and negative effects of having Moon in 1st House (Lagna – Ascendant). Here are some positive and negative effects listed… Positive effects of moon in 1st house When Sun, Mars or Jupiter is in House No. 4, 10 he will gain through sea voyages and he should seek the blessings of […]

Jupiter Moon Conjunction in Various Houses | Brihaspati, Chandra in Same House

Jupiter Moon Conjunction in various houses, Brihaspati Chandra in same house, effects of Guru and Moon conjunction in various houses are explained here. During Jupiter Moon Conjunction, in benefic condition, the effect of Moon is one unit and of Jupiter is twice. The effect of Jupiter lasts from age of 16 to 28 and after that it […]

Sun Moon Conjunction in various houses | Ravi Chandra in Same house

Sun Moon Conjunction in various houses, Ravi Chandra in same house, effects of Sun Moon conjunction in various houses are explained here. During this phase, both Sun and Moon will remain conjoined till 40. Sun will be 4 units and Moon will be 3 units. The effect of Sun will be more prominent. The native will have a […]

Moon in 2nd house (Chandra in Dhana Bhava)

Moon in 2nd house, Chandra in Dhana Bhava. Effects of moon in Dwitiya bhava, Dhana bhava, wealth position. When Moon is in 2nd house Jupiter will give firm results and he will have self earned wealth. Sins of the past are washed away during this life. Even if Jupiter in House No. 1 is malefic, […]

Chandra in Lagna: Moon in 1st House, Ascendant

When moon is in 1st house the native will enjoy a long life and abundant wealth if he obeys his mother. There will be loss of prestige and honour if he resorts to cheating. The death of mother or sister will prove inauspicious. A dormant moon in House No. 1 can be awakened by establishing […]