Effects of Lizard Falling on body parts of men and women in Hindu Astrology: Palli Dosham or Ballipaatu Dosham

Lizard Astrology (Palli Dosha shastram / Gowli Pathana Shastram) is a part of Hindu Astrology which tells the effects of lizard falling on body parts of men and women. Most of the Hindus believe in it.

The effects of the lizard falling for men and women are different as per the shastra. ‘Muhurat Martand’ also explains these effects.

Here are the effects of lizard falling on men and women.

Lizard Falling Effect on Men

HeadDispute or clash is on cards

Top Head – Afraid of death (Mrithyu bhayam)

Face – Financial profits (Dhana laabham)

Left EyeYou may have a good news (Shubha Vartha Sravanam)

Right EyeUn-successful / Fail / Lost something

Forehead – Lack of involvement / Separation from beloved

Right Cheek – You may have a bad news (durvartha sravanam)

Left Ear – Beneficial / gain of Income (dhana laabham)

Upper Lip – Quarrel

Lower Lip – Expect financial gain

Both lips together – Fear of death / Be ready for death news

Mouth – Fear of bad health condition

Left of the backside – Victory / Gain

Night dreams – Fear of king or Ruler

Wrist – Beautification / Modification

Arm – Financial loss / Failure

Fingers –  Chance of meeting old friends

Right Arm – Trouble / Complexity

Left Arm – May bring shame on you

Thighs –   Loss of clothing (Vasthra nashtam)

Mustache – Difficult time ahead

Foot – Difficult time ahead

Back Foot – Get ready for a journey

Toes –   Physical illness

Lizard Falling Effects on Women

  • Head – Afraid of death
  • Hair Knot – Worry about sickness
  • Left Eye – Get love from your man
  • Right Eye – Creates mental stress
  • Right Cheek – Male child may born
  • Upper Right Ear – Financial profits
  • Upper Lip – Be ready for disputes
  • Lower Lip – You’ll get new things
  • Both Lips – together Quarrel or dispute is on cards
  • Backside – Expect death news
  • Nails – Conflicts / Arguments
  • Hands – Expect financial profits
  • Left Hand – Creates mental stress
  • Fingers –  Get ornaments (Abharana laabham)
  • Right Arm – Romance ahead
  • Shoulders – Getting ornaments (Abharana laabam)
  • Thighs – Expect romance
  • Knees – Fondness / Affection
  • Ankle – Complexity / Trouble
  • Calf of the leg – Expect visitors
  • Right leg – You will be defeated / Loss
  • Toes – Male child may born

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    Food–> Going to Hospital, Death.
    (Please add this too..)

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    Don’t believe in all these nonsense.. If lizard falls.. It will ask you sorry n no of times at odd & even times… So just forgive for falling on you… And forget it.. 😉

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  159. michael says:


    Just to check piegeon stood on the window grill of my prayer room and droppings were found in the room it was sunday morning 8.30 am. In late 2 pigeons appeared again at the living room window grill and droppings were found every . The Monday morning at 6.30 am the piegeons started to use their beak and knock on to my close window droppings were found again . What does this signifies. Thanks

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    morning 8.20 at sleeping

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    Thank you

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    At 7:40pm lizard has fallen on my left hand shoulder & moved on back ,two year ago I had touched golden & silver lizard in Madurai menakshi temple

  189. Ganesh Nagaraj says:

    Hi dear concerned,

    My wife Harshitha dreamt two lizards standing ackwardly in her sleep early morning, once she woke up she told the same to me.. after a hour a small lizard felt on her right shoulder….
    pls reply is there any harm in that.. or is there anything we have to do..???

    Ganesh Nagaraj

  190. Rima Chakraborty says:

    Today i stamped my left leg on lizard at 10.15 pm..plz let me knw d future whethr z good or bad

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  195. poul says:

    I was going out from my house with my byke when i wear my helmet i saw a lizard is in my right side thigh & then i throw it away with my right hand after it fallen down i seen his tail get separate from his body then i move from there .
    Please let me know what does it sign .

  196. Avinash says:

    What if Lizard Falls On Right back of palm ??

  197. Kariappa b b says:

    I am 38 year old man…Today 10 pm… when I am sitting on the bef…a lizard fell on right forehead and fell on right hand…near my wreast … please let Me know good or bad

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  202. Bhavya says:

    Thanks for help

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    Lizard fallen on my right feet near to fingers

  204. Priyanka says:

    A lizard fall on my right breast and then went to left waist at night 12:30 around

  205. Sarika Sharma says:

    Lizard fall on my back side of my left shoulder plz tell me it is gud or bad for me

  206. trinesh says:

    lizard fell on heel of back foot and moved to front side on left leg..wat does that mean ?

  207. Akshaya kumar Beria says:

    I m a men of 31 yrs old .a Lizard falls on my right head.is it danger for me.or what is the symptoms.

  208. NAme haritha says:

    for my husband:Day before yesterday lizard falled on his left side on the head & on his left sholder & scralled towards his left arm, Pls tell me is it good or bad??

  209. Raj says:

    what i do lizard fell on my back

  210. Sharmaladevi says:

    A lizard fell on my forehead this morning at 7.25 am 20/08/2016. Please advise the effect /palan.

  211. Srivatsanbv says:

    Please let me know the effects of the lizard. falling on my right nose at about 11.30am

  212. Thakur Dharam Singh says:

    left chest

  213. divya says:

    left hand what happen happen

  214. rathnamma says:

    please tell me…lizard was falling on my head..what would be the solvation

  215. Krishna kumari says:

    I am a female and While walking, unknowingly, I stamped lizard with my right leg. When I read about the effects in internet, it says it’s good you will get promotion. Is this correct.

  216. Rajkumar .j says:

    Lizard falling back side of my wife’s head at 8 pm 04/10/2016 plz tell me is t good or bad

  217. Ambika says:

    Lizard fell on my left shoulder. May I know it’s effect

  218. happy says:

    ilizard touches left knee

  219. happy says:

    ilizard touches left knee 1:40 pm

  220. Savitha says:

    Lizard following on left upper arm

  221. jp says:

    DearI sirsir,Lizard fall down from my home wall morning ( lift hand body without touching me ) is there any favourable news . pls confirm

  222. PREMALATHA A R says:


  223. nikhita says:

    Sir/madam naku potta ki edama vaipu balli padindhi yemavuthadi plz can explain

  224. B Vijayaletchimi says:

    Lizard fall on right side arm at12am on Tuesday

  225. Viswanath a says:

    Lizard left foot

  226. monisha says:

    lizard runing on right hand at 5.30pm

  227. veena says:

    Lized fell on my chest while sleeping & I suddenly I kept out from my hand , what it wll affects gud or bad wat shuld I do plz

  228. ABINAYA R says:

    lizard falling on the fore head right side

  229. hemavathi says:

    I am hemavathi Today at 08:43pm lizard fall on right harm its any danger in my life my BO 25/11/1977

  230. Hemavathi says:

    I am hemavathi today at 08:43pm
    Lizards fall on right harm its any danger

  231. Malar says:

    Lizard fall on left head on left chest

  232. G vasumathi says:

    lizard fallen on right hand fingers..upper side. please know me the effect?

  233. Linsu.V.S says:

    Lizard falling on right chest of my mother body .Tell me its effect

  234. Prasanna says:

    Lizard fall on my right hand

  235. BOBBY says:

    Lizard falls on buttocks

  236. Shivaram says:

    Night 12.30 ill full headil Pali move anal enna plan

  237. Richa says:

    I am 29 years old lady , Lizard is fallen on my right side of breast on Monday. Plz tell me the effect

  238. Sumithra dob 8-5-1970 12-45noon says:

    Lizard fell on womans right side of headand down to right leg time 11 am

  239. S. Vennila says:

    Sir/madam, Please tell me Lizard was falling on my right hand (mulakaikku keelae) on today 27.01.17. Friday at 06.45 am what would the solution.

  240. Amy says:

    Hi,my name is Amy..please tell me the effect when Lizard fall on left shoulder of my boyfriend at 9.15 p.m. His d.o.b is 24.5.1990

  241. komala says:

    I,m komala born on 29 .11.77. mithuna rashi punarvasu star. A lizard fell below right side chest ,may be ribs, today at 10.a.m. what it indicates good or bad plz reply urgent.

  242. Reena Vibhani says:

    I am 40 yrs women, lizard fell from tree upon my left shoulder after sunset on saturday.
    Please let me know what will be the effect of this incident happened.
    Thank you

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    If lizard death on the back of u what will happen

  245. Keerthi says:

    On my husband lefthand side on the finger’s lizard falled what will happens

  246. Mohan S says:

    Sir Lizard climed on my right side leg at 7 pm friday pls tell me the solution.

  247. S Mohan says:

    Lizard climed on my right side leg back side of the toes on friday 7 pm pls tell me the solution.

  248. Indrani says:

    Lizard left shoulder folling

  249. revathi says:

    hlo, a Lizard falls on my right side back body near to right shoulder,,,,, is there any danger to me???

  250. Ann says:

    Hi, myname is Ann, on the 11 Feb at 1.05pm Saturday a lizard fell on my head then to my left arm. But I was wearing a cap. I was queuing to buy a loto. Any meaning of it? Pls adv.thks


  251. mohanram says:

    Left leg

  252. Soumya rath says:

    The lizard fall on my left-hand fingers upper side in the morning what does it mean…plz tell me as quickly…as possible

  253. Lata Iyer says:

    Right hand of women

  254. V Kumar says:

    @ Richa it indicates gain on wealth

  255. Gouthami v v says:

    Baby Lizard falling on right arms of a woman at 1.15 in the morning!please give me a reply!

  256. Vijayalaxmi says:

    Lizard falled left side off my body

  257. Velligaram saikumar says:

    Lizard falling on my left arm on 10:19 at saturday 4/3/2017. please tell me what can i do?

  258. Nandu says:

    Dear Linsu v s and Richa ,

    Your posted regarding lizard fall on right chest of women.
    Can you please let me know the effect.

  259. Nandu says:

    Hai ,

    Lizard felt on my wife right chest,
    Is there any explanation for that

    Can you let me know the effect.

  260. Nandu says:

    Dear Linsu v s and Richa ,

    Your posted regarding lizard fall on right chest of women.
    Can you please let me know the effect.

  261. Suresh says:

    Hi my name is Suresh left hand arms down joint lizard fall……what happens. ……..

  262. sagayamary harry says:

    Lizard was there on my back on 7th March Tuesday 2017 at around 9 pm. Please let me know the effect. I am a women of 61 years.

  263. N HARIKIRAN says:

    Lizard fell on my wife’s back on 12mar 17 .is there is any problem ? If there any remedy

  264. Muni says:

    Iam female.Lizard falling on right eye .wat would be the effect can u say and solution to it

  265. hema says:

    lizard falling down into my right hand so please tell that effect

  266. Krishna anand vs says:

    Lizard climb on my left ankle time at 3.44am Saturday morning

  267. Reetvik Singh says:

    A lizard fall on my left shoulder.

  268. Rakesh n says:

    My wife backside lizard falling evening 4.30

  269. Prerana. B says:

    Yesterday, lizard fell on right shoulder and arm , what’s its effects pls tell me

  270. Chaky says:

    If lizards fall on left hand is tere any reasons like bad r good news

  271. Deepak Ahuja says:

    Sir ,Today lizard fall on my backside at 9:00 pm , pls tell me its gud or bad

  272. shobha says:

    halli nanna yada tolina mele biddu hage kelagilitu edara suchane yanu anta tilisikodi sir are madam

  273. Satish raj says:

    Hi mam,My mom is 36 year old lady.On 6.4.17 the lizard has fallen in to her left shoulder .so,what will be the effect and solution.

  274. Usha says:

    Left toe last 2 finger timings 8:55 pm
    Female 9-4-2017

  275. Ushasuresh says:

    Left toe last 2 finger timings 8:55 pm
    Female 9-4-2017

  276. Vimla singh says:

    lizard fallen on women’s left arm at 11 am 12 April 2017

  277. revanth says:

    What would happen if i touch lizard without knowingly with hands ands fingers

  278. Padmavathi Ethirajan says:

    A baby lizard fell on my foot and without realising I stepped on to it and it died that’s spot

  279. Chitta Ranjan Ojha says:

    Sir now 1.00 clock a lizard touch my left shoulder when I sleep.. …
    Then I throw it.. …bt it come again and again and look at me

  280. Vijayalakshmi says:

    A lizard felll on my body early morning, I think right side of hip, stomach, so pls let me know will it hav any bad effect,
    Thank you

  281. Pamela says:

    My son 14 years old boy stamped a lizard with his left back foot and the lizard dead. What happens

  282. sharanabasappa says:

    a baby lizard died under my foot wthout knowing i kept foot on it

  283. Surender says:

    Please tell me if lizard falls in right side of chest

  284. Mahendra.D says:

    A baby lizard climbed on to my right leg. I accidentally stamped with my right leg while trying to put it away and it died.

  285. Kavyanjali says:

    Hii I’m kavya two lizards was playing in ceiling I was sitting on the floor watching TV two of the lizards fallen on my right side of stomach any remedy plzz tell

  286. Shreya says:

    All of you need to be educated properly so that you rise above this shitty belief and make fool yourselves. A poor reptile lists it’s balance and fell. There is nothing more that science tells about the event.. So plz stop discussing this ridiculous shit.

  287. Seetha says:

    What will hapen lizard fall on my husband right leg knee when he was throwing rubbish

  288. manpreet kaur says:

    left toe at 9:25p.m 11 may 2017

  289. Ravi Dahal says:

    Baby Lizard was in the pipe and I told the pipe so it felt lizard in my right Hand fingers and plams and then it felt down, Please help to provide astrology meaning for the same.

  290. nalini.j says:

    Baby lizard falls in my right hand shoulder,so what will effect for that

  291. N Selvarajan says:

    lizard fell on my left arm above the wrist on 16.05.2017 at about 8.16 am. please tell the effect

  292. Harshareddy says:

    My age is 22 and today is amavasya today as soon I wake up at 7:30 black lizard crawl on my left knee so wht would be the effects

  293. Nirmala says:

    Sir today night at 10:30 lizard fall on my center head its results good or bad sir..let me know sir..
    Waiting for your reply..

  294. BIJAY KUMAR SAHOO says:

    lizard fall on right hand elbow..pls tell me about it…pls

  295. Ashok says:

    Lizard fell on my left front leg

  296. Balaji Seetharaman says:

    Sir, lizard fall in left toe at 12:58pm, can u pls tell me what is the problem and also pariharam pls.

  297. Sourav das says:

    It fall on my right leg

  298. Alla sainavya says:

    A baby lizard fall on left side of neck what happens

  299. Kripa says:

    Two lizards had fallen on the head of my wife in bathroom and after 7 months she expired due to child birth complications,that time we just shrugged it off as a normal but a frightening incident.never knew the omen would come in worst form imaginable.

  300. Sruthi says:

    Without realizing I stepped with my left foot on to the died baby lizard.what will happen.

  301. Pouranam says:

    I am a female. On 9th June, a lizard fell on my right breast. Time around 10.45pm. What does this signify? Pls reply.

  302. Shoba Devi says:

    Vanakam.. am a female n at 8.25am on Monday while am trying to open d house window a lizard has fall on my right hand and ran behind my back n jump away….can i know is it a bad omen?

  303. karuna roy says:

    shatkoti pranam on sunday in between 8-9 p.m just inside the lobby of my building a lizard came touch my left heel and smoothly jumped towards rightside and went off.

  304. Sowmya says:

    Hello sir im sowmya .. lizard falling on my right side stomach and walking through upside chest and I through it Saturday 7:50 to 8 am please suggest what I effects and dosham

  305. Yaminipapnoi says:

    Today between 10_10:15 am on lizzed come ngo upwand my right hand …can i known what is its effect

  306. yamini papnoi says:

    Hello .
    Today at between 10:00_10:15 am ome lizzed come upwad my right hand can u plzz tell me what happen in my life n what its effect

  307. Mahalaxmi says:

    I am female lizard falling on my right hand any effect for me tell the solution

  308. Bhanu says:

    Lizard Falling on Right Shoulder of Man??

  309. Abhishek says:

    One lizard falls on my left leg calm
    And jump toward north side pls tell me what it signify

  310. Abhishek says:

    What will happen if lizard fall on men left leg calf and jumps toward north side

  311. Anvitha says:

    A lizard suddenly falles on my left hand at the time 10:30 pm and it stood there for many seconds..normally all the lizards disapear as fast as they see a human presence. But why did it stay for seconds ..i shouted and made it jumb on.. i am worried a bit . What should i do ? What will happen ?

  312. Prasanth Rangaswamy says:

    As it was raining.. I was settler aside. It was night 11:40pm .. I haven’t noticed anything . As soon as rain stopped . I started back to home on bike . Since 00:15am.. as was driving bike, some back from me shouted a lizard on my bike.. then they pushed away with clothe…. May I know the reason negative or positive thing for this.

    Dated:- 10-7-17

  313. Rashmi says:

    Sir I am a lady.lizard fell on my left shoulder mrng 9.30 am.what will happen sir.

  314. Rennell dennis sherwood says:

    Namaste lizard fall on my left side onmy back below my left shoulder @7.10am-7.15am male

  315. Hari Priya. R says:

    A house lizard fallen in my right knee when I was passing front door of my house and the time was nearly 6:35 may it be. The lizard was died and his tale was cut . what will happen ?


    what happend when lizzard fall on my neck……..

  317. Sathya says:

    Hello ,

    yesterday I stamped a small lizard by mistake on my left foot n it fond death..much about that inciden

  318. ranganath sp says:

    Hi I am ranganath .sp I’m male and one lizard fall on my left chest pls tell the reaction of thise

  319. Surinder says:

    Sir its 7.0 pm lizard fall down on my left sholder near neck

  320. Prianga says:

    Hi i.am a female 22 yrs old at 9.05 pm on thursday 2.8.17 I went to wash room while I try to open the door the lizard fall on my breast I was shocked what it does mean? Either good or bad plss clear my confusion.should I do any pariharam

  321. Surta says:

    Sir if it fall on left hand palm on a boy

  322. Trishul says:

    As per your statement and in your case , when it falls on right side – its ENTERTAINMENT . If on left its TIFF , Lizard Falling On Right shoulder – Victory
    Lizard Falling On Left shoulder – Fear from enemies .

  323. Santhosh says:

    What about left chest for women

  324. Ranjitha says:

    If lizard falls on women Right hand what will happen….

  325. Nandini says:

    On Ganesh festival day , afternoon small lizard fell on my right knee and moved till my right chest……

  326. Sivvam kiran kumar says:

    Lizard falling on shoulders male effects

  327. Sudhir Kumar Moharana says:

    Dear sir/madam
    I am 28 year old woman, when I m sitting our stairs a lizard falling my top of the head what about happen in my future, pls tell me I’m afraid

  328. Divya says:

    What about on stomach can u plz mention for a lizard falling on stomach for female

  329. Bommaraju swetha says:

    Today we went to amaravathi temple 17.september 6pm lizard touches my leg so I need information

  330. Vyshali says:

    I am female lizard fell below back of right shoulder at night 7.45 around pm
    What does it mean please clarify

  331. Saheli chatterjee says:

    I am a women.As a house chipkali falls on my right toe rather feet , please tell me What will happen to me??

  332. RukumanyS. Kandiah says:

    On 6.10.2017 At 6.33pm a lizard drop on my left just above the toes. I am a woman age 61 years old.
    Please tell me what happen

  333. Shainaz says:

    What happens if lizard falls on left thigh

  334. Maitri pal says:

    A lizard fall on my forehead at about 9.25 pm and ran down on left side . What this means .I am Ladies. PL suggest

  335. a lakshmi says:

    i am female, 32 years on dated 21.11.2017, when i was cutting vegetables in balcony, the lizard falls on right shoulder at around 07.05 p.m what happens(what does it means please clarify)

  336. Rajani says:

    House lizard Cravel on left big toe – women what will happen

  337. Reetu says:

    Today 22 December around 3 pm one black lizard was fallen down in my kitchen from racks and by mistake I put my right leg on it. It’s a bad omen …. what I have to do now if some remedies please tell me…

  338. shivani says:

    im a woman a lizard poop on my left hand

  339. Ramya Amar says:

    Am Ramya 25 age ,Today 10/1/2018 at around 9-30 morning lizard fallen down in my room by mistake I put my left leg on it ,what I have to do now if it is bad or not,please tell me

  340. sampurna says:

    lizard fell on head what are the remedies to follow

  341. basanta patra says:

    I am Basanta, today 02.02.2018 morning at 8.10 AM one small lizard fallen on my back side head. Please tell me what is the impact/bad impact.

  342. Rhea says:

    What will happen when lizard falls on chin?

  343. Sathish.g says:

    What is the meaning of lizard fallen left arm

  344. Manu says:

    What happens if a lizard touches the right foot for women

  345. Shikha says:

    Lizard fall on left foot of woman

  346. Keerthyuday kumar says:

    Black Lizard crawling on left wrist for females

  347. H.S.RAVI SHANKAR says:

    Lizard fell on my left wrist and went upwards towards shoulder p.m.let me know result.Ravi shankar

  348. Chandravadhan says:

    What happen lizad falls on back side of right leg finger tips

  349. Kausalia says:

    Whats the significance of a baby lizard falling on the left nape of neck and crawling to right breast?

  350. Nirosh says:

    Small lizard fall between right neck and shoulder

  351. sai says:

    What happens when small lizard fall on right hand

  352. Geetika anand says:

    What if a baby lizard falls on the left chest of a female

  353. Si Babu says:

    Lizard falls on women’s fore head

  354. Shruti agarwal says:

    What happens when lizard fall on stomach

  355. Harsha says:

    What happens if falls in right knee for men

  356. Manjunath says:

    Sir today I experienced lizard falling on right side of my face is it good or bad

  357. smart heart says:

    Hi actually am waring my shoe I didn’t notice that lizard was there after waring I noticed lizard was on my right foot am a female please tell me what’s going to happened

  358. Mallikarjun says:

    What happen when it jumps on the shoulder and go down

  359. Venkataramanan CH says:

    I stamped from my right leg and it dit die , it went off, what will happ please tell me.

  360. Megashri says:

    What happen when lizard fall on your left hand for womens

  361. Farha Asmin says:

    What happens if it falls on right hand iam a woman

  362. Naveena Mamilla says:

    What happen if lizard falls on female left side breast from the top

  363. Navin says:

    Lizard has fallen on left leg and fallen on left thigh on pregnancy women can u please sugges

  364. krishna says:

    Wht happens if a lizard falls on right hand…time.11.20 pm.

  365. kalyani g says:

    what happen when lizard fall on head

  366. kishore kumar perumalla says:

    What happen, if falls on left cheek for men?

  367. Teja says:

    Wat hapnd when it falls on dick today while doing bath lizard jumped on my dick

  368. MITHIL says:

    What happens if a lizard walks upwards of mens back …. ? During sleep from lower back towards head of mine …. but till neck … dint touch head

  369. Dilip says:

    Lizard urine is fall on left hand. What happens if it fall. I am men

  370. Gahana Arjun says:

    What happens when lizard falls on right waist

  371. Swathi says:

    What happens if lizard falls on right palm of hand

  372. Srikanth Appy says:

    What happen if the lizard touches the right leg of the man

  373. Saicharan says:

    By mistake, I have stamped on a Lizard with my right leg and it died. Can you tell me how bad it is? Is there any dosham.

  374. Kumuda H M says:

    What happens if lizards walks on left foot for female

  375. V.satyasrinivas says:

    Today what happen that I am driving slowly bike in street accidentally lizard falling in front of right leg on knee or good or bad give me reply

  376. Ashok Makkad says:

    baby Lizard fall on my back side and gone to feet and ran away

  377. Dr V k shukla says:

    What happenef when lizard fall on left shoulder of women

  378. Basavaraj Hiregoudar says:

    Stepping on Lizard and it died

  379. R K Supriya says:

    If lizard do urine on right hand for men on 24th July 2020 at night what will happen

  380. R K Supriya says:

    If lizard do urien on right hand for men in the night
    what will happen

  381. Netravati. Madev. Balegar says:

    What happens when lizard falls on women left leg

  382. Sailaja says:

    If a lizard fall down on women’s left chest means???? Is it good or bad

  383. Bhavesh says:

    What about from right leg finger to left leg fingers for male

  384. Nisha Priya says:

    What will happen if 2lizard fall on right shoulder?

  385. Sindhu says:

    What happens if we accidentally step on a same lizard twice a day?

  386. Happy says:

    I was washing out side two lizard male and female ran cross my both feets

  387. Rads says:

    Lizard tail touched left hand thumb nail

  388. david says:

    black scared baby lizard fall on the left elbow of man what happens

  389. Karthik says:

    For right lap

  390. NIKHILESH says:

    What happens when lizard fall on the right side of the stomach of man

  391. Shobha says:

    Lizard falling on left side of the neck for men ?

  392. Muskan says:

    What happens when a lizard falls on female back foot