Lizard fallen on Head – Results, Effects, what will happen

Lizard fallen on Head – Results, Effects, what will happen. If lizard falls on head, then what will happen? Here is the detailed analysis of this…

The shastra that tells about the lizard falling effects is known as Lizard Astrology (Gowli Panchangam). The standard Astrology text, Muhurat Martand, explains the Palli dosham or the effects of lizard falling on our body parts.

The chameleon also produces same results as the lizard. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is the auspicious mantra to chant when you have faced the situation of lizard falling.

Here we discuss the effects or results of Gowli Pathanam (lizard falling) on head..

1. If lizard falls on the top of the hair, it is not at all auspicious. Need to perform Maha Mrutyunjaya Japam to get rid of the effects. Be careful while driving vehicles like car and two-wheelers.

2. When a lizard falls on the central part of head, it indicates illness. Maha Mrutyunjaya Japam is the only remedy.

3. If a lizard falls on the right side, just above the neck on the head then it indicates bad sign for the native’s siblings (brothers or sisters).

4. If a lizard falls on the left side, just above the neck on the head then it indicates bad sign for the native’s younger brothers.

5. Except the above parts, the lizard falls wherever on the head, it indicates a bad sign for native’s maternal uncles.

6. When lizard falls on just down side of ‘Brahma Randhra’ (the central part of the head), it indicates the financial gains for the native.

7. If a lizard falls on ‘Brahma Randhra’, then it is not at all a good sign in fact it is very bad sign for the native. Need to perform Maha Mrutyunjaya Japam to get rid of the effects.

8. When lizard falls on the spot from where women apply Sindhur at the upper side of forehead, it alerts native’s mother and siblings.

9. If a lizard falls on woman’s front hair on head, it indicates inauspicious events.

10. The fall of lizard on down parts of hair on head indicates bad health for woman’s husband.

11. If a lizard crawls on from upside to down side of the body, it indicates loss of wealth and health. In the same way, it it climbs upside it signifies auspicious happenings.

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  1. Wonder says:

    U guys still believe these lol.. lizard lost it grips in the ceiling and fell down.. u were in the downside so it doesn’t mean a misfortune lol.. imagine if lizard thinks the wsy u guys think.. grow up plz

  2. sunita devi says:

    On diwali day a lizard fell on the center of my head then from there it jumps onto my right arm.pls tell what does it mean

  3. Swethapriya says:

    A lizard fell on me by 2:50-3:00 am on wednesday on left ear ,cheek and touching hair how will tat affect me…???

  4. swapna says:

    A lizard fall on my head today..please tell some remedy

  5. swarna says:

    Falls on top right side above hair of head at 3.00 A.M.

  6. maninder says:

    Today at 4.55pm lizard fell on left side of my scalp..plz help me..

  7. Mani Singh says:

    Today at 4.55pm thursday lizard fell on left side on top of my scalp.

  8. Jayul Nawab says:

    Monday 5pm a lizard fell from a tree on my right side of head near ear & landed on shoulder and I quickly pushed it away from shoulder
    Tell me what does it mean

  9. ruby says:

    Lizard fell down on my central head..pls give me some remedy sir.

  10. Avdhi says:

    Lizard fell on the left elbow of a woman crying from top

  11. pushpalatha says:

    Daily night palli came my brothers head 3 dys pls give remide

  12. Nandini says:

    Lizard fell on my head on left side in front on my hair today ie Saturday at 7 pm

  13. Vyas says:

    Sir yesterday one baby lizard climbed upside from my Left leg, please help me what will will be the results. because my situation is bad im searching for a permenant job in this january month 2017, so kindly help me.

  14. vishal says:

    Sir lizard fall on me right side on head

  15. Chandra reddy says:

    Lizard fall on head back top of my wife please give remide

  16. Varsha manjulkar says:

    Lizard foll on me left side on shouldre on tuesday at 6 15 pm

  17. shahanaj says:

    today lizard fell on middle of the head on my mother…..plz tell me what will happen?

  18. Sudheer says:

    Liked this website

  19. N Eshwar says:

    Lizard go through my right foot please send the answer to my email id

  20. abhinav says:

    lizard fall on tip of crown part of head

  21. hari says:

    Lizard fall on my right side of my head

  22. sarath says:

    2palli thalaila left. Side viluntha ennanusollungalen

  23. krishna says:

    good answers………………….

  24. lizard falling on humans is really so effective, after all lizard is a moving creature it may fall on anybody at anytime.

  25. Vinay says:

    Sir today night around 1030pm on the fan switch lizard fall on back side of head (suli) am really worrying about this please tell me the result plz

  26. N vivek says:

    Hi,this is Vivek.a lizard fall on my head.after this happens,within a month I lost my job and even am unable to get any job.this resulted me a financial loss.please suggest what to do now.

  27. VENKAT says:


  28. Mahesh Lakkineni says:

    Ma bava ki head mida padindhi em cheyali naku badha ga undhi

  29. shwetha says:

    a lizard fell on my left shoulder around 5 pm at bathroom…. I’m really worrying about this please tell me the result

  30. Prashanth S R says:

    If dead lizard fall on top of left head side, what is the impact?

  31. gurpreet says:

    My 4 year old son sleeping on bed after some time I enter in room I saw lizard site on my kid left side head.

  32. sai says:

    if lizrd falls on head during night time what happens

  33. hari haran says:

    Today morning lizard fall on center of my head at the time I put mehanthi on my head the lizard spotly died … What will happen?
    Hariharan male

  34. Sridhar PS says:

    Very useful / Given with complete details.Good prediction about Lizard fallen on Human body.