Doctors’ work during Coronavirus pandemic

Doctors are our life saving saviours, and they are very helpful to the society. Doctors work tirelessly and they are helping us to recover from various diseases. They are putting their full efforts to reduce our sufferings, and also postponing our deaths also. Due to the advancement in the field of science, medicine and technology, nowadays lot of treatments are available for treating our various ailments.

Doctors used to work round the clock and they cannot find sufficient time to relax, and they are working in hectic schedules. At the present situation, while treating the patients affected with CORONA VIRUS, they are also getting infected, and due to that, some doctors are also died.

Doctors are considered as the divine incarnations of Lord Dhanavantri, and heal our diseases with utmost care and attention. Doctors are classified as Allopathic, Homeopathic, Siddha, Ayurveda and Unani Doctors.For prolonged illness, it is advisable to take either Ayurveda or Siddha medicines, in order to permanently recover from the illness. Apart from the above types of doctors, doctors specialized in acupuncture treatment, and acupressure treatments are also available.In some cases, even though, doctors try their level best, their treatments would not work for some patients, and this is due to their bad luck only. In general, each and every doctor would aim to provide high class treatment to his patients, and expects them to recover soon from their sickness.

Ancient physicians Charaka and Sushruta are very good Ayurveda physicians, and they are expert in doing operations also. Before starting their work, they used to worship the divine deities, and finish their task perfectly.

It is believed that during the period of the great king Vikramaditya, Ujjain ruler, the famous physician Dhanvantari was seated in his court. It is believed that the divine Dhanvantari had incarnated in the earth in order to introduce new concepts in the Ayurveda field. He wrote several books on Ayurveda, and was highly respected and rewarded by the great king Sri Vikramaditya.

Let us praise the doctors, and salute them.


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