Police in Coronavirus Pandemic Times

The police are the group of persons, and they are given sufficient powers by the state governments, to enforce the law and order situation, to protect the people from thieves and from harmful elements, to act as a friend for the people, to attend them quickly in case of emergencies and to make the people to live peacefully in their life. They contain powers including arrest by producing arrest warrants, and to punish the criminals on their own methods.

When we utter the word “POLICE”, we would become fearsome. The reason is that usually we would generally think that police means moving rudely with others. But actually, due to their restless work, sometimes unknowingly they may harm others.

Generally they would not target anyone and cause troubles to them. Their work is to control the criminals and to provide proper protection to the public. They are nicely discharging their duties for almost 24 hours in a day, and seven days in a week. Since for police department there is no prescribed office hours they used to work extra hours in a day. Police department staffs are generally interested to maintain friendship with the people.

Police staffs must be well appreciated for their selfless service to the society. During the present “CORONAVIRUS” problematic situation, they are putting their hard work to their level best, and due to that, some police staffs are also suffering from the virus problem.

The general public must understand the problems of the police staffs, and must give proper respect and their full support to them. Whenever a police raises his voice on us, we must politely answer to him, and by seeing our obedience, he himself will talk softly to us. We must have to maintain patience with the police staffs, since their duty is to control the criminals, which is considered as a very tough job for them. We must realise that they are working for our safety only, and understand about their sufferings and problems during their duty.

Many police staffs would not have proper sleep in the night, since throughout the day they are handling the difficult jobs, and due to that, they may get mental tensions and mental strains. We must have to treat them as our brothers and sisters, and we have to consider the Police staffs as the divine incarnations of the guardian deities Lord Ayyanar andMata Kali Devi, and must salute them for their bravery, willpower, courage and smartness.


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