Difference in Creations | Why does God create different types of People

Everybody would be having the question in their mind. Why god is making difference in each and every creation? Why can’t he make similar creation? Why there is much difference in the status of the people? Why one person is suffering whereas another is enjoying? Is this is fair on his part?

From the excerpts of various Divine texts, it is said, that the creator god Brahma is doing like these, since, according to the system laid down by the almighty, the creation work must be made differently, in order to balance the position of the earth. If all the people do good deeds in their life, and reach the heaven, then there would be no place in the heaven. That’s why, god is creating different types of people, and he is also giving the wisdom to each and every person, and also making them to realize the inner self, and also making them to worship the god.

God has given the Holy Scriptures to us in the form of Gita, Bible and Quran, and he is still trying his level best, to make the people to reach the spiritual path. He also sent lot of divine messengers to the earth to teach the goodness among the people. God has made the people to construct lot of temples, churches and mosques in order to make them to permanently remember him throughout their life.

Only if the people do not follow the advises given by the god, they will have to suffer endlessly. God is also slightly changing the fate of his sincere devotees based on their noble acts and their good deeds. But according to the creation part of the god, still most of the people are having the doubt in their mind, and whatever explanation given to them, they are not getting satisfied.

The best suggestion is to not to deeply think about the creation aspect of god, and instead of that, we can do our duty properly, worship the god sincerely, do good things to the people around us, and live a pious life.

We must realize that whatever is done by the god is for our goodness only. He is the main parent for all of his creations, including the trees, animals, insects, humans and other living beings in the earth. A divine parent would never cause harm to all of his creations, and we must understand, that whatever he has done is for our wellness only.

Let us pray to the divine almighty to solve the problem of the current situation which prevails in the entire world, and be blessed.


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