Diet in Hinduism

vegetarian diet Hinduism

vegetarian diet Hinduism

As per Hinduism, it is always recommended to take a vegetarian diet, but however it is left to the choice of the people. People from Brahmin Community and Jainism mostly eat only vegetarian food, but in case of other castes of Hindus, mostly they used to eat non vegetarian food, due to its taste, and also most of them are addicted towards eating non vegetarian food.

Non vegetarian items, consists of fish, chicken and mutton, and some Hindus used to eat pork and beef also. Eating non vegetarian food would cause digestive problems, and continuous non veg eaters may suffer from heart problems and Cholesterol. Ancient Sages used to take alms, and some sages would eat fruits, greens and vegetables. Our Hindu Vedic texts strongly advise us to prevent killings animals and birds for the purpose of consuming it as a food item.

Mahabharata and The Bhagavad Gita advises that a noble person must eat only a limited quantity of food and it should be of strictly vegetarian and simple food.The Divine poet, Thiruvalluvar, in his Tirukkuṛaḷ, strongly tells us to eat only vegetarian food, and to compulsorily prohibit non vegetarian food items.

Various other Hindu religious texts also suggest us to eat only vegetarian food. The followers of Ramalinga Vallalar used to eat only vegetarian food items.Famous saints like Adishankara, Ramanuja, Madhwacharya and Guru Raghavendra used to eat only pure vegetarian food.

Most of the Brahmin community people and the followers of Lord Krishna would prohibit eating onions and garlic especially during festival times.As per Bhagavatha Purana, Lord Krishna had eaten only vegetarian food throughout his life time. He mainly used to eat butter, curd rice and snacks prepared using butter and ghee.

In the Mahabharata, during the time of the Pandavas exile period, once, in the dream of Yudhishtra, some animals appeared and asked him to stop killing them. Yudhishtra felt pity on the animals, and hence he immediately stopped hunting the animals, and began to eat only fruits, vegetables and greens, and also asked his brothers to do so. That’s why still he is called as “DHARMA MAHAPRABHU” and also by the name “DHARMA DEVA”.

During the exile period of Lord Rama, he used to eat only vegetarian food items. In general, eating only vegetarian food items is good for all, since it is good for health, and hence let us adopts the practice of eating only pure “VEGETARIAN” food items.


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  1. Sreenivasa, NG Rao says:

    Even an animal, bird whatever it be has life, has so many functions in its body which are akin to that of a human being. Vedic literature also refers that a person has to be born 84 lakh times in form or the other. In the next birth or janma I might an insect, an animal, bird etc. Going by this analogy (if you are a believer) do not resort to killing animals or living beings just to quench your hunger. If one understands this logic or view in right/proper perspective, I think there may not be any non-vegertarian on the earth. Can this happen.
    A MIRAJ wish.