Dhundhi Ganapati (Dhundi Ganesha)

Dhundi Ganapati

Dhundi Ganapati

Dhundi Ganapati is the twenty sixth of the 32 forms of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu God worshipped in India and is believed to be the remover of all obstacles in the lives of his devotees.

In this form, the lord is depicted as having four arms bearing a tusk, a garland, an axe and a gem studded vessel. The complexion of this form of Lord Ganapati is red hue and he is described as the one who is sought after. He holds a strand of rudraksha beeds, his broken tusk, an axe and a small pot of precious gems thought to represent the treasury of awakenings he saves for all his ardent devotees.

Dhundi Ganapati Mantra and its translation:

akshamalam kutharam ca

ratnapatram svadamtakam

dhatte karairvignarajo

dhumdinama mudestu nah

He has four arms. His hands hold the single tusk, the rosary (rudraksha), the hatchet (kuthara) (an axe ) and the pot of jewels (ratnapatra). (Red Color).

There are no main temples associated with this form of Ganapati. However the paintings of the 32 forms of Ganapati can be seen in Thiruvananthapuram in South India. Also the temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjangud in Mysore have all the 32 forms of Ganesha sculptures.

It is interesting to note that the Lord Ganapati is holding rudraaksha beeds in this form. The rudraaksha beeds are associated with Lord Shiva who is Ganapati’s father and it is said that Lord Shiva himself lives in the rudraaksha beeds.

Dhundi Ganapati Dhyana Mantra

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