Destruction of Ancient Hindu Temples

Ruins of Hindu Temple destruction

Ruins of Hindu Temple destruction

Generally, we would have heard about the construction, reconstruction, repairs and renovation of temples. Then what about the demolition and destruction of temples? Destruction of Hindu temples was done during the rule of Mughal kings. Among the Mughal rulers, Aurangazeb was the main person in demolishing lot of Hindu temples. He didn’t think about the sanctity of the temples, and about the worries of the Hindu people.

The ancient Prahaladapuri temple was a famous Narasimha temple, built by the pious BhaktPrahalad, approximately before 5,000 years. In the year 1992, the temple was completely destroyed by some miscreants, and this caused sadness in the minds of the minority Hindus living in Pakistan, and they also tried their level best to re-build the temple, but they are not able to succeed, and they are not able to express their rights on Hinduism with the majority of Muslims in the Pakistan. Similar to that, the ancient Surya Bhagavan’s temple at Konark was destroyed by a Muslim ruler during the year 1508, and still now the temple is not reconstructed fully. Lord Hanuman at Karmanghat temple, Hyderabad, Telangana had given a caution message to Aurangazeb when he tried to destroy the temple structure. And the Mughal king, Tipu Sultan also destroyed many Hindu temples and created fear in the minds of the Hindus.

Most of us will be having the question in our mind. Why the temples have been destroyed, and why god is not controlling such an act? The reason behind that is, even in case of god, they have to rely on the fate, and will not change the fate, as and when required. Even if they come to this earth as an avatar, they will have to struggle a lot, and they will express their powers only in case of exceptional circumstances only. They are the humble and the worshipful deities, and due to their powers only, somehow we are able to survive in our life in this present day difficult life.

Let us regularly pray to the almighty for our wellness and goodness and be blessed.

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