Dashain Jamara Puja Vidhi, Procedure

How to do Dashain Jamara Puja – Vidhi, Procedure or method of Dashain Jamara Puja is given here.

After decorating the Kalash, the process of initiation of Jamara Puja (plantation) begins. Most of the people plant just barley and sesame seeds but some others plant seven types of grains like barley, wheat, maize, sesame seeds, etc.

Lord Varuna and Devi Durga are worshipped in the beginning by chanting Varauna Mantras and Durga Mantras. At the place of Jamara plantation, the image of Goddess Durga is placed.

Plantation begins with planting barley on the sand. It is put on the head in Dashain prasad of Goddess Durga.

Chant the below mentioned mantra during the installation of Ghatasthapana. This is the Ghatasthapana Mantra..

मम महामायाभगवती ( वा मायाधिपति भगवत ) प्रीतये ( आयुर्बलवित्तारोयसमादरादिप्राप्तये वा ) नवरात्रव्रतमहं करिष्ये।

Mama Mahamaya Bhagavathi (Va Mayadhipathi Bhagvat) prethyarthe (Ayurbala vittaroya samadharadhi prathyarthe Navaratrivrat aham karishye |

Akshatas and flowers are offered to the ghata after chanting this mantra.

It is to note that the sand bed and the ghata should be wet for entire Navratri (10 days). The previous days’ flowers are removed and offered new flowers all nine days of Dashain. Chandi Path (Durga Saptashati) or Durga Kavach are the auspicious prayers to chant during Navratri Puja.

By the tenth day of Dashain, the grains grow about 2 inch to 5 inch. The seedlings are cut on the tenth day and distributed as Jamara among family members, relatives, friends and neighbors.

Jamara Puja Vidhi for Dashain

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