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Chogadiya Time, 13 September 2018 | Ganesh Chaturthi | Shubh Choghadiya, Labh Choghadiya, Amrut Choghadiya

Lord Ganesha playing flute

Lord Ganesha playing flute

Chogadiya Time on Ganesh Chaturthi 2018, Shubh Chogadiya, Amrit Chogadiya on Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 – 13 September 2018..

In many North Indian states like – Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Delhi… Ganesh Chaturthi Pujan is observed based on the Chogadiya Time on the particular day.

Here is the list of Chogadiya on Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 – 13 September 2018

Day Choghadiya Timings

Shubh Choghadiya – (शुभ चौघड़िया ) – 6:27 AM to 7:59 AM – Auspicious Time (शुभ चौघड़िया )

Rog Choghadiya – (रोग चौघड़िया) – 7:59 AM to 9:32 AM – Inauspicious Time (अशुभ चौघड़िया)

Udveg Choghadiya – (उद्वेग चौघड़िया) – 9:32 AM to 11:04 AM – Inauspicious Time (अशुभ चौघड़िया)

Chal Choghadiya – (चल चौघड़िया) 11:04 AM to 12:36 PM – Average Time (सामान्य चौघड़िया)

Labh Choghadiya – (लाभ चौघड़िया) 12:36 PM to 14:08 PM – Auspicious Time (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Amrut Choghadiya – (अमृत चौघड़िया) 14:08 PM to 15:41 PM – Auspicious Time (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Kal Choghadiya – (काल चौघड़िया) 15:41 PM to 17:13 PM – Inauspicious Time (अशुभ चौघड़िया)

Shubh Choghadiya – (शुभ चौघड़िया) 17:13 PM to 18:45 PM – Auspicious Time (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Night Choghadiya Timings

Amrut Choghadiya – (अमृत चौघड़िया) 18:45 pm to 20:13 pm – Auspicious Time (शुभ चौघड़िया)

Chal Choghadiya – (चल चौघड़िया) 20:13 pm to 21:41 pm – Average Time (सामान्य चौघड़िया)

Rog Choghadiya – (रोग चौघड़िया) 21:41 pm to 23:09 pm – Inauspicious Time (अशुभ चौघड़िया)

Kal Choghadiya – (काल चौघड़िया) 23:09 pm to 00:36 am – Inauspicious Time (अशुभ चौघड़िया)

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  1. Namaskar by mistake i saw moon at 7 pm today .. i am afraid now .can you pls tell me what i can do

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Just you pray to Ganesha and be careful during this month. And also visit any Ganesh Pandal and offer some Naivedya to Ganpati or feed cows, offer food to the needy.