Lets Keep Chanting the Glorious Names of Lord Krishna

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Krishna vishwaroopam vishnu

Let us keep chanting the glorious names of Lord Krishna throughout our life. Only through keep chanting the names of the Lord, at this present situation, we would get calmness and peacefulness in our mind, and we would be able to carry out our day to day activities without much difficulty.

We can chant the 1000 names of Lord Krishna, or if we find it impossible, at least we must have to chant the 100 precious names of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is well known for his simplicity, beauty and for his attractive playful acts. He must be considered as our friend, philosopher and god, and even we can communicate to him, about our personal secrets, when we didn’t want to convey it to others.

Instead of considering the pictures and the idols of Lord Krishna as just a mere object, we must consider it as a form of Lord Krishna. Many of them who tried to commit suicides have been changed their mind, after they developed strong faith on Lord Krishna. If at all, by chanting the names of Krishna, we are not going to lose anything, but, ultimately, we are going to gain a lot, like occurrence of permanent happiness, good changes in our lives, increase of withstanding powers etc., etc.

The great Krishna Devotees like Sant Tukaram, Dyaneshwar and Meerabai have attained great enlightenment and also attained salvation, since they spent most of their life by chanting the names of Lord Krishna. It is also believed that even the divine devas in the heaven and the Rishis residing in the Saptha Rishi Mandala used to regularly chant the lovely names of Lord Krishna, and also they would do meditation on him. We have to cultivate the habit of reading the holy epic Bhagavatham, which mentions about the details of Lord Krishna, and especially about his mesmerising childhood plays and his kind interaction with his devotees.

In few of my articles, though the readers may find that I repeat some details again and again, but, I am doing it only for the sake of the well-being of the readers, since reading about spiritual matters even for several times would give great happiness and peace of mind and also would enlighten us. Here I have given some beautiful names of Lord Krishna, and let us keep chanting his names again and again, again and again, in order to fetch lot of good karmas in our life.

Om Sri Achyutaya Namaha
Om Sri Ameyatmanaya Namaha
Om Anantasayanaya Namaha
Om Sri Arisudanaya Namaha
Om Sri Avyaya Namaha
Om Sri Balamuraliye Namaha
Om Sri Baleshvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Bhanuve Namaha
Om Sri Bhumanyaya Namaha
Om Sri Brijeshvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Chaitanyaya Namaha
Om Sri Chakrinyaya Namaha
Om Sri Charuveshvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Damodaraya Namaha
Om Sri DarshAnaya Namaha
Om Sri Devakinandanaya Namaha
Om Sri Diptimantaya Namaha
Om Sri Ekanathaya Namaha
Om Sri Ekesvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Gaurangaya Namaha
Om Sri Ghanshyamaya Namaha
Om Sri Giridharaya Namaha
Om Sri Gokula Namaha
Om Sri Gopala Namaha
Om Sri Gopendraya Namaha
Om Sri Gopeshvaryaya Namaha
Om Sri Govindaya Namaha
Om Sri Hareshvaryaya Namaha
Om Sri Hariye Namaha
Om Sri Hariharaya Namaha
Om Sri Harimedhasvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Hrishikeshaya Namaha
Om Sri Indranujaya Namaha
Om Sri Indravarajaya Namaha
Om Sri Jaganivasaya Namaha
Om Sri Janardhanaya Namaha
Om Sri Jayagopalaya Namaha
Om Sri Kanaiya Namaha
Om Sri Kanha Namaha
Om Sri Kannabirane Namaha
Om Sri Kanshi Namaha
Om Sri Kaustubhaya Namaha
Om Sri Keshavaya Namaha
Om Sri Kishanaya Namaha
Om Sri Kridayaya Namaha
Om Sri Krishnaya Namaha
Om Sri Krishangaya Namaha
Om Sri Krishavaya Namaha
Om Sri Krishnav Namaha
Om Sri Krishnendu Namaha
Om Sri Madhavaya Namaha
Om Sri Madhunihanaya Namaha
Om Sri Madhusudhanaya Namaha
Om Sri Maheshvaraya Namaha
Om Sri Mitravantaya Namaha
Om Sri Mohanane Namaha
Om Sri Mohnishaya Namaha
Om Sri Murajithave Namaha
Om Sri Muralidharaya Namaha
Om Sri Muravijayinaya Namaha
Om Sri Murdvishave Namaha
Om Sri Nandlal Namaha
Om Sri Narayanaya Namaha
Om Sri Nileshwaraya Namaha
Om Sri NityanandaMahaprabhuve Namaha
Om Sri ParthasarathiPerumale Namaha
Om Sri Pinakisare Namaha
Om Sri Pradyumane Namaha
Om Sri PriyasravasNamaha
Om Sri PunarvasuveNamaha
Om Sri PunyashlokeswarayaNamaha
Om Sri PurshotthamaneNamaha
Om Sri PushkarakshanareNamaha
Om Sri RadheshvarayaNamaha
Om Sri RathangareNamaha
Om Sri SarvaLokeswarayaNamaha
Om Sri SatvatNamaha
Om Sri SavyasachinNamaha
Om Sri ShyamakNamaha
Om Sri ShyamantakNamaha
Om Sri SomeshvarayaNamaha
Om Sri SudarshanayaNamaha
Om Sri SuradhyakshayaNamaha
Om Sri SureshvarayaNamaha
Om Sri UpendrayaNamaha
Om Sri VajranabhayaNamaha
Om Sri VarshneyaNamaha
Om Sri VasudevayaNamaha
Om Sri VasumantayaNamaha
Om Sri VasumatayaNamaha
Om Sri VibhumanyayaNamaha
Om Sri VihariyayaNamaha
Om Sri ViksharyayaNamaha
Om Sri VisveshvarayaNamaha
Om Sri VitthalMahaprabhuveNamaha
Om Sri VrishantakayaNamaha
Om Sri YadunandanareNamaha
Om Sri YadurajayaNamaha
Om Sri YadushreshtayaNamaha
Om Sri YogeshwarayaNamaha
Om Sri RukminiPathiyeNamaha
Om Sri PrahaladaAnugrahaMurthiyeNamaha
Om Sri GajendraVaradareNamaha
Om Sri MathurapuriVasayaNamaha
Om Sri DwarakathipathiyeNamaha
Om Sri Lakshmi PathiyeNamaha
Om Sri KarmugilVannaneNamaha
Om Sri KamalakannaneNamaha


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