Chanku Chakra Rekhai

Chanku and Chakra Rekhai

Chanku and Chakra Rekhai

We can find the Chanku and Chakra Rekhai in the hands of Lord Vishnu and some of his avatars like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. This Rekhai was also found in some of his aspects like Rishi Kapila and King Prithu. Rarely this Rekhai can also be found in some holy saints also like Sri Ramanuja and some Alvar Saints.Similar to Lord Shiva holding the Trident in his hands, Lord Vishnu also holds these two auspicious items permanently in his hands.

When Lord Krishna was born in the prison at Mathura, he holds the Chanku and Chakra in his hands, and he contains four hands, and he also contains the Chanku and Chakra Rekha in his hands. His son Pradyumna, an incarnation of Lord Manmadha is also believed to contain the Chanku Chakra Rekha in his hands. Lord Krishna when he was born, he looked everybody in a gentle manner, and smiled in a pleasing manner, and he had stolen the hearts of everyone.

All the Vaishnavites, and especially the Iyenger Brahmins would give great respect to the Chanku and Chakra similar to Lord Vishnu, and they would to worship them also while worshipping Lord Vishnu. During the time of Krishna avatar, Lord Krishna used the Chakra when he was fighting with his enemies and severed their heads. He used to blow the conch before fighting with his enemies.

The great Vishnu devotees: Prahalada and Dhruva also gave good respect to his divine items, like Chanku, Chakra, Maze, bow and arrow. In our Puranas also the significance of Chanku and Chakra is mentioned, and they are considered as the part and parcel of Lord Vishnu. These two divine things were also born as Alwars and spread the “VISHNU BHAKTI” amongst the masses. In this today’s difficult life, living with the thoughts on the almighty only would pacify our mind and would purify our mind, and we would not get complete peace of mind from anywhere else.


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