Chandragiri Temple Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam

Chandragiri Temple Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam on 12 April 2016.. The traditional temple cleansing ritual Koil Alwar Tirumanjanam was performed with religious fervour on Tuesday (12 April 2016) in the recently taken over Sri Kodandarama Temple in Chandragiri.

Koil Tirumanjanam is purification ceremony of sanctum santorum and temple premises by devotees. During the ceremony all the deities and other articles are removed from santum santorum and cleansed while the “Mula Virat” is covered with a water- proof covering.

The entire Garbha Griham, including floors, ceilings and walls, sub-shrines inside the sanctum, puja articles are cleaned with water and Tirumanjanam which is a composition of camphor, sandal paste, saffron, turmeric Kicchili Gadda (a root vegetable) etc. is smeared, which acts as a disinfectant.

The covering of the main deity was then removed and the deities, deepam and other articles are replaced inside. Special pujas and Naivedyams are then offered to the presiding deity.

Temple Deputy EO Sri Venkataiah, other office staffs and devotees took part in this ceremonious fete.

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