Chandra Grahan June 2011 in India Time – Chandragrahan on 15 June 2011

Here is the timing of Chandra Grahan of 16 June 2011 in India. The first Chandra Grahan or Lunar Eclipse in 2011 will take place on 15 June 2011. It is the Sampurna Chandragrahan or total lunar eclipse. In India, this Chandra Grahan will begin on 15 June 2011 at 11.52 pm and end at 3.33 am on 16 June. Grahan Madhya kaal will be 1.43 am on 16 June. 2011 June 15th Chandra Grahan will be the Rahugrastha Chandra Grahan. It will be visible in some parts of India.

Chandra Grahan of June 15 2011 will occur on Jyeshta Purnima (Full Moon day in Jyeshta month). Jyestha Purnima is also celebrated as Jagannath Purnima in Orissa and some parts of Bihar and Bengal. Here you can get the Astrology predictions for Chandra Grahan June 15th 2011 (For which Rasi this Grahan is beneficial and for which it will be bad or brining average results).

Lunar Eclipse June 2011 Astrology Predictions for all Rashis

Pregnant Care during Lunar or Solar Eclipse

Scientific Reasons on Pregnant care during Surya or Chandra Grahan

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  1. Amee says:


    I am 2 months pregnant in Mumbai (India). Kindly provide the exact time of grahan on 15th June 2011. What should i do & should not do during this time. Also I didnt know about 1st June 2011 grahan will it affect me or my baby 🙁 ? I am working…should i avoid working on 15th?? Kindly help.

    • naveen.sanagala says:

      1 June 2011 surya grahan was not visible in India so it has no effect on people of India. I will post the time of chandra grahan in Mumbai time very shortly… Keep on browsing Hindupad..

  2. shruthi says:

    please post the time of chandra grahan june 2011 in kolkata

  3. shruthi says:

    time of chandra grahan june 2011 in kolkata

  4. shruthi says:

    what is the time of lunar eclipse of 16 june 2011 in mumbai

  5. priya godse says:

    lunar eclipse june 2011 time in dubai UAE. I am 3 months pregnant please help me in this regard