Chandra Grahan, 14|15 April 2014 (Total Lunar Eclipse)

Chandra Grahan 14|15 April 2014 is a Purna Chandra Grahan, Total Lunar Eclipse. It begins at Moonrise time on 14 April & ends at Moonset time on 15 April.

Chandra Grahan – Where we can view from

This Lunar Eclipse is visible at Moonrise Time (Chandrodaya Time) from Australia and New Zealand.

At Moonset time, the eclipse will be visible from East South American countries like Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and some parts of Argentina. West African countries like Mali, Algeria, Niger, Morocco, Libya, Cameron, Congo, etc will also view the Total Lunar Eclipse at the time of Moonset. Some European countries like Ireland, Portugal, Spain, UK, Switzerland, France, etc. will also view Lunar Eclipse at Moonset Time.

The Complete Lunar Eclipse will be visible over North American countries like USA, Canada, Mexico, etc..

Where Chandra Grahan in April 2014 is not visible from?

The Total Lunar Eclipse on 15 April 2014 will not be visible from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, and other Middle East countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius, China, and other Asian countries.

As per UTC, the timings of Chandra Grahan April 2014

Penumbral Eclipse begins at – 04.54 AM on 15th April 2014 (Grahan Sparsha Kaal)

Partial Eclipse begins at – 05.58 AM on 15th April 2014 (Pakshika Chandra Grahan begins at)

Total Eclipse begins at – 07.07 AM on 15th April 2014 (Sampurna Chandra Grahan begins at)

Mid Eclipse (Greatest Eclipse) at – 07.47 AM (Grahan Madhya kaal)

Total Eclipse ends at – 08.25 AM (Sampurna Chandra Grahan ends)

Partial Eclipse ends at – 09.33 AM (Pakshika Chandra Grahan ends at)

Penumbral eclipse ends at – 10.38 AM on 15 April (Grahan Antya kaal)

Pregnant Care during Lunar or Solar Eclipse

Scientific Reasons on Pregnant care during Surya or Chandra Grahan

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