Upakarma 2022 | Rig Veda Upakarma, Yajur Upakrma, Sama Upaakarma

Yagnopavitha Dharana

Yagnopavitha Dharana

Upakarma is an ancient annual Vedic ritual followed by Brahmins in Shravan month or Bhadrapad month (August – September) depending on the Veda they follow or read. Changing of Yagnopaveetha is the main ritual followed on Upaakarma day.

Here are the dates of Upakarma 2022

Rig Veda Upakarma 2022 – 11 August | 3 August

Sama Veda Upakarma or Sama Upakarma 2022 – 3 August | 30 August

Krishna Yajurveda Upakarma 2022 – 11 August

Shukla Yajurvedi Upakarma or Yajur Upakarma 2022 – 11 August

Hayagriva Jayanti | Jandhyala Purnima – 12 August 2022

Gayatri Japam – 12 August 2022

Upakarma means the ‘beginning’ in Sanskrit as it is the most auspicious day to start Vedic studies.

Rig Upakarma and Yajur Upakarma are observed in Shravan month whereas Sama Upakarma is observed in Bhadrapad month. Shravan Purnima is also observed as Hayagriva Jayanthi. To honor Lord Hayagriva, the protector of Chatur Vedas, Brahmins observe Upaakarma on Shravani Purnima day.

Upakarma  consists of two parts. Upakarma (action Redemption) and Uthsarjana (learning of Vedas). These help the already learnt Vedic chants shine with great vigor. Any actions done with such strengthened Vedic chants , would give good and better results. Due to our using Vedic chants for various purposes as well as our not being in a position to follow all the rules, make such chanting of Vedas very weak. So it is necessary to do Upakarma and Uthsarjana every year.

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  1. venugopala iyengar says:

    Where are the detailed Manthras &rishi tharpanam for yajur upakarma?

  2. Soundararajan R says:

    Rishi Tharpanam for Samopakarmam with clay soil/sand for which rishis and performing what sort of anugraha we may get. Kindly inform enable us to intimate others or correct ourself.


    Soundararajan R