Chandeshwara Anugrahamurthi, Lord Shiva who saved Chandeshwara

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Shiva Jalabhishekam

Chandeshwara Anugrahamurthi is the form of Lord Shiva, where he saves one of his devotees called Chandeshwara. In the epics, it has been often evident that Lord Shiva has saved various devotees who had shown an extraordinary dedication towards him. One of them was Markendeya, who is a child devotee.

Lord Shiva had saved the child devotee from the God Yama, without being killed in the young age. Similarly, Lord Shiva had saved Chandeshwara, the son of the poor man.

Chandeshwara is the son of a poor man, who earns his livelihood by selling the milk. This man had a number of cows, which gives milk in abundance. The son of the poor man, Chandeshwara, was asked to look after the cows. Chandeshwara is a devotee of Lord Shiva. He takes along all the cows for grooving, letting them to have the grass and then return back to home with all of them.

In the meanwhile, he used to think about the Lord Shiva and wanted to do something to attain his grace. At one stage, he was so involved in Shiva’s devotion that all the cows themselves delivered the milk and assembled at this boy, while Chandeshwara made a Shiva Lingam out of the mud and performed Abhishekas with the milk.

Knowing this, Chandeshwara’s father once observed this boy in disguise and got furious, he thought that Chandeshwara was wasting all the milk given by the cows. He was about to punish this boy severely, and then appeared Lord Shiva in the rescue of Chandeshwara. Thus, Lord Shiva is entitled as Chandeshwaranugrahamurthi.

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