Challenges Faced by God

Lord Brahma

Lord Brahma

Challenges Faced by God… We used to think that after the completion of creation work, Lord Brahma simply sits in his Lotus Flower in the Satya Loka, and listens to the Gandharva Music. Actually it is not like that. After writing the fate on the head of the humans, Lord Brahma used to worry about us as our own parent, and he would also try to slightly change our fate based on our bhakti. Though Lord Vishnu is considered as the god of protection, and also he is superior to Lord Brahma, however, we have to worship Lord Brahma also along with Lord Vishnu, since Brahma is the one who only could change our fate. This can be explained with an example.

If an Accountant working in a company wants to approach a Finance Manager in a concern, he is supposed to meet him only, though the Finance Manager is a subordinate to the Managing Director of the company. Even if the Accountant meets the MD of the company with regard to clarifying any accounting queries, then the MD would redirect him to see the Financial Manager only. Likewise, though Lord Vishnu is the Supreme God, before approaching him, first we have to approach his subordinate Lord Brahma only, in order to get favourable results in our life.

Lord Brahma has got lot of challenges to face. He has to keep on increasing his powers by meditating on Lord Vishnu, then he has to do his creation work, and apart from that, he has to safeguard his creations in a merciful manner. His four heads would look the four sides of the earth, would carefully watch his devotees, and based on our urgent call our divine father Lord Brahma would surely change our fate at least to some extent.

Apart from humans, Lord Brahma acts mercifully even to his other creations like birds, animals and insects. Since these creatures do not have the sixth sense, they could not express their sufferings to our Brahma. Hence even without their call, Lord Brahma would help them, by providing sufficient food and water.Whenever we visit any Shiva Temples, let us stand before the Brahma Shrine, by offering our prayers to him at least for a minute.

We should always remember that Lord Brahma is the great “BRAHMANDA”, the supreme hero of the entire universe.


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