Can we change house in Ashadam Masam (House Shifting)

Can we change house in Ashadam Masam? This is a user submitted query in Actually, we cannot shift to new house in Ashada Masam since it is considered as an inauspicious month for any auspicious event like Gruhapravesham, marriage, upanayanam, etc..

Some compulsory events like Cradle Ceremony (Namakaranama – Naming ceremony or 21st day function), Seemantham and some other auspicious functions cannot be ruled out for celebrations.

But when it comes to shifting to new house or leaving the old house, it is not considered auspicious until and unless something wrong has happened.

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  1. Nityanand Menon says:

    Hi! Dear
    I am Nityanand menon from India, I planing to shift our residence to new house tomorrow 3rd july 2017 can you please suggest me on this.
    Thanking you Nityanand M