Significance of Black Colour

Largest Shani statue at Yerdanur Sangareddy

Largest Shani statue at Yerdanur Sangareddy

Lot of significance are there by wearing the black coloured dress.First, black colour dress would chase away the evil spirits, and gives confidence to us.It also protect us from our enemies, since black colour dress is favourite dress for guardian gods like Muneeswarar, and Lord Shaneeswarar’s favourite is black coloured dress.

Lord Ayyappa devotees would also wear black coloured dresses during the time of their fasting and till the date of return from the Sabarimala. And it is also believed that the pious demons like Prahalada, Vibhishana and Mahabali used to willfully wear black coloured dress.

Black gives good power to us, and whenever if we come across any fights with our enemies, by wearing the black coloured dress, we would feel that we are highly powerful and energetic, and we would be able to defeat our enemies easily. Karate masters usually would wear black colour dress only, in order to win their enemies easily.The death god Lord Yama’s favourite colour is also black, and by wearing the black coloured dress frequently, we can get his grace also, and during the time of our death, we would get a peaceful death.

Black boosts self-control and discipline, and it would give good courage and braveness.

Black also absorbs negative energy. It is always suggested to keep a black towel with us, whenever we travel to faraway places. We can also cover the divine idols in our houses using black colour clothes. It is also believed that the demons had got great powers, due to wearing the black coloured dress.

During the battle field, some warriors used to cover themselves with black colour clothes, and also used to carry black coloured things with them, in order to fight bravely with their enemies.

Apart from all these things, we can see that most of the idols in the temples were carved only using black coloured stones, and especially Ma Shakti Devi idols were beautifully carved using black colour stones and we would be interested to have the glimpse of the holy mother’s beautiful face, again and again.


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  1. Ambila dharma says:

    The power of black colour in hinduism talks about the science which is still a puzzle for scientists. It can be experienced by only those who know the laws of cosmos which is only possible when someone surrender themselves to the formless energy.
    Great information .