Biography of Namdev

Born in 1270 A.D. to a calico printer/ tailor, Damshet and his wife Gonai, in the village of Narasi-Bamani in Hingoli district of Maharashtra was Sant Namdev. Even Lord Pandurang is said to have swayed to his delivery tune of Kirtana through which he propagated Bhagawad Dharma right till the heart of Punjab. Soon after his birth the family shifted to Pandharpur where the much decorated temple of Lord Vitthal (Vithoba) stands. Fascinated by Vithoba’s benevolent response to child Naamadeva’s appeal for testifying his innocence in front of his parents, Naamadeva became the Lord’s unflinching devotee for life.

Namdev married Rajai when only eleven years old and sired four sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, like most saint poets he found little time for them. But his devotion did not deter them from leading a comfortable and economically peaceful life. The turning point in his life came of his association with a contemporary saint poet Dnyaneshwar. Together they travelled and spread the Bhakti movement through kirtans (religious poems) and abhangas. Naamadeva lived more than twenty years in Ghuman village of Gurudaspur district of Punjab. 61 of his 125 abhangas in Hindi adorn the guru Granth Sahib of Sikhs and he is a much venerated saint in Punjab and Rajasthan.

In his early fifties Namdev settled down in Pandharpur where his devotees thronged to hear his self-composed kirtans. He died there at the age of eighty and is part of the stepping stone to the temple in Pandharpur. He considers the act of saints and pilgrims walking over him as a blessing through their way into the temple. Namdev’s message to one and all is that it is possible for people to find god in their homes and they don’t have to scamper around in search of god. God is in everything and everything is god.

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