Bibi Nachiyar (Bibi Nancharamma) | Devotee of Lord Venkateshwara Swamy

Sri Ramanuja who was an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, once while he was travelling to Melkote at Karnataka,Lord Vishnu, in his dream had appeared and told to him that the utsava-murti of Sri Cheluva Narayana in Melkote, was stolen by the Moghuls, and it was kept in Delhi.

Sri Ramanuja immediately went to the palace of sultan and requested him to return the deity. The sultan told to him, that the deity was safely kept by the princess, and in order to test the powers of Ramanuja,he further told to him, that if he wanted to take the deity, the deity must automatically come to his hands.

Ramanuja sang a melodious song in praise of Lord Cheluva Narayana, and the deity automatically comes to his hands. Ramanuja embraced the divine deity with great love and affection, and brought back the deity to Melkote.

The princess could not tolerate the separation of the deity,and immediately followed Ramanuja. When she came to Melkote, since she was a Muslim girl, she was not permitted to enter inside the temple, and hence she started doing meditation in front of the temple.After knowing about this incident, Ramanuja allowed her to enter into the temple. She went inside the temple and merged with the Lord.

Ramanuja installed a deity of the princess, Bibi Nachiyar, at the divine lotus feet of Thiru Cheluva Narayana. Since then every offering made in the temple is offered first to Bibi Nachiyar and then only it would be offered to the Lord.

From this incident, we can understand that god is not seeing the devotee’s caste, creed, community, gender or religion. He is seeing only the devotee’s pure bhakti on him. He is always ready to give salvation to his sincere devotees, and relieve them from the clutches of the birth cycle.

Let us worship the great devotee and be blessed.

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  1. Hemanth says:

    Jai Ramanuja!

    I have a doubt.
    Ramanuja’s period was 1017-1137 and Mughal occupied Delhi in 1526.
    How can we relate both?

    • Ramesh Babu says:

      Right same doubt to myself ,but history trails the reason to be believed,so I hope that the supreme lord shall answer the question………..

  2. K.P.SURESHA says:

    Ramanuja lived in 12th century. mughals began their rule in 16th century.!! assuming that the story is historically true, who was the sulatna ruling Delhi then?

  3. Day Flier says:

    The legend says Bibi nachiyar married venkateshwara in 1311 AD. which is neither Ramanuja’s time nor Mughal’s.